23 June 2006

Fridays are a good thing.

I may or may not have an utter and complete love for the delicious and kieflicious Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland.

Which is just another way of saying, thank you Fox, for having 2 hours of Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland every Friday night. And thank you for Sean Astin. He is utterly delicious in his own right. He's no Shohreh Aghdashloo but you know, he's hardly sloppy seconds.

Knitting? Well um, not yet, and it's 915 pm. Maybe after the laundry is done and I've ingested more food. I love doing laundry on Fridays here, I can do six loads without people bothering me, and it's wonderful.

Five of these loads, by the way, are pure white. White towels, white matelasse, white sheets, white chenille, white quilt, white white white white. I love white.

Sorry, I know that's terribly inane stuff and you don't come here for that. Or maybe you do, I don't know!

I didn't knit today yet for good reasons, though. Not because I was avoiding the orange strip. Not on purpose, anyway... My gramma came over today! She filled up my freezer with 38 billion things, and gave me a chocolate cake she'd baked for me! Mmmmmmmm chocolate cake. With vanilla frosting. Which I will have right after this post, now that I think about it.

We went to Sears and le mart du Wal. I know, I know, I know, on the latter. At Sears I was able to get a pair of mocha colored pants, a chocolate brown skirt, and a white blouse that fit and didn't make people go holy moly you've lost weight. Which did happen a lot when I wore it in DC. The shirt and pants are a size 6, which I know will scare the people who know me in meatspace. That's what happens when you're sick forever, not that I'm bitter. It's nice to have a miniscule wardrobe of professionalish nice things to wear for interviews and (potential) temp placements and whatnot. And I have 2 capri pants that fit. That's my entire bottoms wardrobe. Feel sorry for me.

But yes, yes yes yes, I am eating, mom. I am only 11 pounds underweight now, thanks to the ice cream diet. It was 20+ before. From experience, it will take me 6 months to gain the other 11. I can live with that. By the way, I have always sort of been sick of when people tell me I am so lucky because my problem has never been concerned with being overweight or with gaining weight, but with the opposite, where I lose weight rapidly and have a difficult time gaining it back, especially when sick. I've always had a crazy metabolism, and constantly need fuel. It's a different issue and is no more lucky or unlucky. It just is.

I've been here in this apartment for 24 days. I've read 185 pages in Cell by my favorite author I refuse to be ashamed of, Stephen King. I've frogged the bamboo scarf and restarted it. I've been on one course of antibiotics, one interview, several intakes, a squintillion million bus trips, and a thousand trips to the library for knittageporn and DVDs.

I wish I could post pictures for you today but it's way too dark, all day today it's been promising to rain. Which is wonderful, because it means it's cooler, but is bad photographically because Benkei the Sidekick is not up to overcastedness. But I'm so glad it's windy because the breezes into the apartment are so nice.

I love all the suggestions I've gotten for the bag! And I think I'll try to get the Nicky Epstein knitted flower book from the library for inspiration, and keep an eye out for catchenal pins. Both options are theoretically free, right? Hee.

In catchenal news, the Picasso is so happy today with the balls I got him, the kind where he can pick up one in his mouth and bring it over to me for me to throw for him. He loves chasing after and losing and finding and pouncing at these balls. He seems to have a preference for purple. (And llamas. But we knew that.)

Matisse, too, is very happy thanks to the amazing Maia who sent him a bright pink brush that is the first brush that's ever worked AND didn't make him cry a lot. Matisse has only one layer of fur, not counting the fur in his furbrain, and normal brushes you see have sharp tips and are painful for him, giving him scratches. He has wonderfully soft and nonmatted fur right now. Which is just plain amazing. Truly. I'm hoping Matisse will let me brush him daily, because that would help his severe matting issues greatly.

The boys went wild over the scratching post when I dosed it with catnip, particiularly Matisse, and I'll repeat the dosing to try and reinforce the use of it. Ooooooh. Baba has no claws, but she very much liked the catnip, thank you. Here she is on the sofa next to me, being her trademark grumpy self. Hi baba! She's all curled up onto herself, making sure her foot is on my arm, and is basking in the fannage.

By the way, dyepal, thank you for your note! I appreciate that a lot, and I'm not overtly worried... At least about you! I indeed still haven't received the box and the poor melted and solidfied and melted chocolate bar... Mmmmmmm chocolate. Speaking of chocolate.

I'm gonna get that cake and then some dinner after I post this.

It's a Friday night, and it's a good one.

22 June 2006

Of Picassos and Llamas

Oh. I'm tired. But it was a good day all the way around, even though my lungs have developed a tasty layer of slime in the last 24 hours and the cough is worse than it was last week, which sort of sucks monkey rocks given the weekful of antibiotics I've ingested. On the other hand, I don't feel like death warmed over, and the sinuses feel pretty good if I stay inside.

Which may or may not be at odds with the pursuit of more yarn a job. But I digress.

I had the interview, and it went great! The woman seemed impressed with me and had great questions and a good sense of humor, and we laughed over my lack of voice. See, I'd asked for a interpreter even though I could have managed without one because even if I could lipread the person, my voice is pretty much shot. Hopefully I'll hear back from her soon!

And it's always good to pretend to have a good sense of humor over the BEING SICK FOR FIVE MONTHS thing. Ahem.

Anyway, here's a picture of the bag that ate Champaign-Urbana! I hope Mary likes it. Well, when I finish the strap and all. The strap will take as long as the bag itself did if I continue to knit it at the rapid pace I'm doing, which is like, a pathetic foot or so. In the last 36 hours.

I had slightly more fun with the Cascade Pastaza bag, you see... Yesterday I knit the last 10 rows I needed to make on it, and then added the straps to it that I'd wisely knit a looooooong time ago. The next strapped bag I make may or may not begin with the strap as opposed to the bag body because then I'd get the crappy part done first and get to have the high of casting off and felting all in the same day!

I don't know why the strap last is so bad but it is. It really is. I am so lame.

But yesterday, on the hottest day of the week, I went ahead and felted the bag in two runs through the hot hot hot washer in the hot hot nonairconditioned laundry room and created this:

I'm not sure if I feel like the bag is "done".... Does it need something? But what?

Picasso would say that the bag neeeeeeeeeeds him, because it's made of 50% llama yarn and the Picasso, he loves the llama yarn muchly and wants to make out with it and lick it and snuggle it and sleep with it. And call it George.

But I'm not looking for quite that kind of accessory when going outside, so I'm guessing that the Picasso option is out.

Anyone have any ideas? I do have half a ball left of the matching main color yarn.

21 June 2006

A time to kill? No, a time to dye!

Has it been a week already? At least, thanks to the miracle of antibiotics and decongestants, I am feeling markedly better. I don't feel 100% yet, and confess I wonder how long the remission this time will last, but at least for now? I feel better.

And that's enough.

I finally finished the bag that ate my town last night. Prefelted, it is 3 feet long by 2 feet wide, full of stripedy wool hotness, just the thing you want to have on your lap when it's 90 out. Yum. It's done! It's done! The only thing I have left is the 11 foot long strap, which at least is orange so I won't resent it so much. I am possibly a wee bit tired of yellow at this point. Mm.

I also added the last 10 rows that my cascade pastaza bag needed, and went ahead and felted it despite said 90 degree weather and the hot hot hot water in the washer. It made sense at the time. Picasso loves it just as much as he did when it was unfelted, and was observed snuggling up with it and macking it, which was strange given how sopping wet it was. Is. Catchen is weird.

Tomorrow I interview for a job, we will see how that goes.

Following you'll see a bevy of pictures of the dyeorama fun I had. Please note the appropriate use of the chairs. Heeeee.

15 June 2006


Sick. With a sinus infection. Again. I'm a broken record by now, I do think. Fourth round of antibiotics! A new one, too. I hope it helps, my cheekbones might as well weigh 50 pounds for all the pressure they're exerting. More exciting things will be talked about tomorrow, promise.

14 June 2006

On knitting and yarn

This afternoon I went to the yarn shop, hoping to catch the owner so I could talk to her about a part time job. Nothing doing, because she was out and wouldn't be back until Saturdayish. I probably will return on Saturday just to talk to her nicely... seesee.

But before I went to the yarn shop, I had to get ready to go, right? And this was what my bag looked like, before I cleaned it up:

Yeah I know, the yarn threw up. That's what happens when you're knitting an endless bag for Mary! with five different colors of Cascade 220.

Oh, the bag itself so far? Here:

I think it looks nice, but I'm glad it's for Mary! and not for me. I'm doing it with a modified Fibonacci stripe pattern, 4, 4, 8, 16, 32. But the orange yarn is always 2 rows, no matter where it is, so the other four colors move around in size due to the five stripe repeat. Nice, no? The orange stripe is only 2 rows because that's the color I'm making the double I-cord with.

I have to confess that today, when I've lived in the apartment here for two weeks? I hardly remember the old apartment at all. The only thing I miss is the bed. The metal frame, the mattress, the size. That's all. The rest, I hardly remember. I don't know what that means, but that it's the truth.

I don't wish things were different. I just need a job, so I can have minor accidents at the yarn shop, which has all sorts of goodies that I completely need, of course.

PS: dyepal, I'm worried! Your yarn isn't here yet!

13 June 2006

Tuesdays are for Self Portraits

Once again, apologies for the bad pictures. But this is what I woke up to this morning, covered in catchen. There was the baba, in my face and wobbling around.

There was the Picasso, on my head and wanting me to settle down so he could put his paws back into my hair.

And there was the Matisse, putting my legs to sleep.

Ah, life with catchen.

With all the excitement of the last several days, I decided that today would be a fake Saturday, where the most challenging thing I would do all day would be picking up Benkei and answering emails. I knit and knit and knit, wore catchen, and watched DVDs and TV programs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

12 June 2006


Leave it to me to keep everything to the last possible moment... But today the sun was finally shining and I could take pictures! This was the best of the bad pictures on Benkei. I also took "real" pictures but without a computer, we'll all have to wait. MYOI.

I think it turned out well! Greens and blues and purples and teals and bright blues. Do you like it? I hope my dyepal does!

Today was EXTREMELY busy. I was up at o bright 30 to get on the bus and head over to the uni, where I took the clerk civil exam. I have a scary amazing edietic memory up there in my noggin, where I could type the typing test from memory because it was the same exact documents as the last time I took the test 7 years ago. But could I remember where I put the chocolate bar the other day? No. I could not. *sob*

I typed my little heart out, flew through the organizing, spelling, grammar, etc section, plugged in my resume, and I was done, with 70 minutes to spare, even with reviewing everything. That was fun! So I walked over to my mother's office and we had lunch and then we went back and I worked and worked on cover letters, a newly typed resume (I had an old hard copy but given I had learned the new address after I no longer had a computer, it was necessary to retype it), and filling out application forms on the typewriter. Two applications I was filling out were due at 5 pm today, and I'd only learned of them, what, last Friday? Eep. Type type type type, plow plow plow. Straight keyboards make my arm seriously burn and throb, but there was nothing doing, I had to finish them! And I did. I got them in to the library by 4 pm. I was proud of myself, frankly, even if by then it was all I could do to go home and ingest medication that may or may not be Canadian, and flop on the sofa.


11 June 2006

Sundays are for Grammas

I was tired after the work all day Saturday, but today wasn't going to be a day of rest, because gramma was coming over and we were going to get some stuff! I'd finally decided what to get, and it wasn't going to be a laptop (snif) or a TV. Gramma had a hard time finding the new apartment, but eventually I found her! And then we went to Linens and Things, where we looked over the memory foam boxes and selected one that was firm and thick enough, and also had a zipup cover included with it, and with that, it was very reasonably priced, for what it was. Also? Sheets! Queen sheets, 300 count sateen cotton, in a random stripe woven pattern. Please don't ask me what color they are, you should know me by now.... heh.

No pictures because, well, you know. Also, how exciting are sheets? To look at, anyway. But as a sheetophile, I loves sheets. Loves them muchly. MmmmmMMMmmMMMmmm.

10 June 2006


Pretend you see pictures here. I sent them to someone to have them uploaded, but they're still not uploaded, so let's pretend together.

Anyway today, I could dye! Because I had the yarn! The pot! The dye! Amazing.

So I put the two skeins of Dale Baby Ull on the counter and divided them roughly in half, with a cotton yarn tightly (on purpose!) tied around the middle. Then I plopped half of each skein into the dyepot with a glopped amount of Wilton's royal blue. The yarn, it must be noted, was orignally a flouroscent yellow. Yum!

After a little bit, the dye exhausted, and I took it out of the pot (ow! ow! hot!) and flipped it over to do it all over again, with some violet dye. After that was exhausted, I took the hot skein, ran it under cold water until it wasn't boiling hot, and then went ahead and wound it into a super long skein across four chair backs. Thanks for convincing me to take all four chairs, mom and gramma! I know that wasn't exactly how you envisioned me using those chairs, though....

I then hung it up. And while Verde thought it looked cool and loud, I, as a known non-proponent of yellow, dithered over it a couple hours, and finally dumped it into a bath of more blue dye. And then, as Chris knows, I forgot about it and took a bath :) Came back out when it "smelled" done. Mmmmm done! But I'd messed up and tied the strings around the yarn too tightly so there was still yellow. So I got to *ow ow ow hot* cut all the ties, retie them loosely, and dump it into another blue bath.

And I had a heck lotta fun and would I do it again? YES!

09 June 2006

Housewarming Yarn!

Look at the present I got in the mail today from Dave! Immediately upon sighting the box, I had a big :D on my face. Of course, I also got all of the last outstanding boxes too, including the dyeorama yarn, which meant I could finally dye dye dye this weekend, but no, I wanted to open this box first. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE.

The visual texture is similar to Cascade 220, where the yarn is plied and even and doesn't have bumpiness in its plying like Koigu does. Since I love Cascade 220's texture, this is a good thing. But touching it, oooooooh. So much softer, so much more, I don't know the word... Spongy? It's squeezy like a Charmin roll. Squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze. And also? Squeeeeeeeeze.

I let Dave pick the yarn, and I love the colors, lots of different blues, and some purples and plus a purply-pink that that matches the corduroy jacket Verde and I both have. The picture above doesn't do it justice, and I'll be fashion shooting it before I sully knit it up.

I'd originally been thinking a pillow cover, but you know, that corduroy jacket just needs a matching scarf.... It's so soft next to the skin. I've got 420 yards worth of sport weight... Thinking a lace scarf with this. Any recommendations for a pattern? I'm currently thinking about an all-knit feather and fan, for perfect reversibility. I want something that'll have movement (wavy stripes! Cool!) but won't be obscured by the yarn itself.

Matisse isn't trying to drool this yarn to death, a first because he seems to think wool is edible. Or that it should be. I wonder if he smells lulukitty on it?

I'm being good and not casting on it right.this.very.minute.

08 June 2006

The things we do for catchen

It occured to me this morning, as I was taking a quick, and thus shallow, bath that my life is possibly overtly catchen oriented.

Matisse and Picasso love drinking out of the tub, making it necessary for me to buy nontoxic labelled cleaning products and hoping that they don't get poisioned. And of course Matisse sleeps in the sink continually as his protest continues, so I have to worry about what his fur gets in contact with there also.

No, I don't think that's doing too much for the catchen.

What got me started on pondering the catchenalism of my life was that Picasso was delicately pawing at my hair with claws extended as I lay there in the tub, which was clear Picassoese for "catstaff, the level of water in this tub is too low for me to drink out of. Cup your palms and bring me water!" And as I obliged him, I couldn't help but think this is so messed up, not that I stopped what I was doing.

They infuritate me sometimes, and sometimes I'd like to punt one or another of them, but I know without a doubt they are worth every cent I have spent on them in the last month.

And so I wish I could buy Matisse a bowl, so he will stop searching and protesting. And possibly so I can wash my hands and brush my teeth without it being a contest, but really, that's secondary. I want him to be fully happy. Isn't that funny?

And I hope for a scratching post soon because the Picasso, he likes the new sofa. Noooooooooooooooo. Does anyone have scratching post training advice? I want him to love the post. A lot more than the sofa.

And the baba, she is grumpy and grouchy and depressed. I want to do something for her but I don't know what.

I have learned it's often better to change my own behavior than to try to bend the catchen to my will, thus why the yarn is never left strewn around, because it will be drooled on faster than you can say Matisse.

Which doesn't explain why I readily accede to Picasso's demand for hand-cupped water in the tub.

07 June 2006

Wednesdays are for wish lists

What do you choose, when your grandmother emails you, telling you to pick whatever you want, as long as it's not too expensive?

A rug?

A new tv so you can see it from further than 5 feet away, given the slight need to be able to read captions?

A new laptop (ok probably way too expensive)?

A floor screen?

Some kind of new bed and/or headboard?

We know what the Matisse wants. A! Bowl! We can put that on the list too.

Strange as it may seem I honestly feel as though I'm drowning in things somehow, and will be purging more, even though my dressers are virtually empty and I am using only two cabinets in the kitchen and my bedroom closet is virtually empty. How does this work?

What would you choose? Why? Or can you think of something better?

06 June 2006

Tuesdays are for self portraits

I am Baba. Watch me lounge.

I have a new sofa and coffee table. Let us rejoice.

Hey! That's my spot!

Matisse has taken up semi-permanent residence in Protest Spot 2, the space between the fridge and the cabinet above it. Picasso was caught sleeping in the tiny space next to Matisse, probably in solidarity. Bowl for Matisse! Bowl for Matisse! Bowl for Matisse! Bowl for Matisse! Bowl for Matisse!

No it is not! Grr!

Baba is my favorite grumpy geriatic catchen. She gets mad at everything these days and that's ok. Still my favorite. The only thing I'd change about her is not haing to grow old. But wishes are like horses.

Baba is angry! Fleeeeeee!!!!!

Picasso is goofy. I think he's the favorite for a lot of people, just because he's so friendly and playful and stuff. He reminds me a lot of baba when she was young, when she wasn't grumpy and loved everything.

Comic courtesy Two Lumps

This comic is the best! Matt showed it to me and I thought it was perfect for today, especially with the new sofa and all, because this is their life with Benkei the Sidekick. Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz!

05 June 2006


Look! A box! A box I had never seen before. A box that didn't have my name as the FROM sender. A box that didn't have forty-eleven layers of tape that seemed like a good idea at the time. (Can you tell I've been getting a lot of boxes? Nine today. Including the possibly overinsured box of knitting needles. And a couple underinsured boxes of yarn. Yay! But I digress.) A box! From Chris.

I was apparently sadly mistaken that this box was meant for me, because just moments after I took the first bad picture, these mousies were on the floor. Does Picasso have mousie-dar or something?

I know at this point Chris is thinking, "wait, there were three mousies for three catchen, where's the third one?"

Well, Picasso was slightly busy with it, as we can see.

Pounce! Watch! Bat!

Now, this is a bad bad bad picture, and for that I flog Benkei the Sidekick with a dry noodle (can't risk frying him, after all), but hopefully you can see the white blob that is the mousie and the very very very very happy Picasso. I love that you matched the mousies to my apartment, Chris!

There were, shockingly, things in the box that were not mousies! Wilton cake icing dye, which can be used for yarn dyeing. Perfect! I sort of owe yarn for the whole dyeorama thing, and um, well, dye! Dye is a good first step. I'm still waiting for the yarn and the pot, which will eventually arrive, I hope, by the end of the week. Dye party this weekend sounds fun! The colors are violet, kelly green, and royal blue, which I think could be fun. They remind me of the dead muppet scarf I knitted Paws. I promise no dead muppets will be scalped for my yarn.... Can't promise about not dyeing catchen, though. Good thing this dye has sugar in it, eh?

Yarn! Good summer knittage yarn, in cotton/linen blends. These have a good hand to them, I can see an early fall scarf in this. One skein is a rather silky one, with the watery blues I've been liking, I'll have to see if it's enough to make the front of a pillow cover, maybe

More yarn! A lovely cream shiny/not shiny plyed ball, I'm not sure yet what I'd make with it but it sure is pretty to look at. I love textures, and this one is an unusual one.

More yarn! Three skeins of DK weight superwash yarn, for you know, the yummy flavored yarn dyes. Heeeee. Sugary yarn. Seriously though this is enough for a scarf, maybe even a hat also if I did it right. Or socks. Socks are good! Depends on what the sugared dead muppet yarn looks like. I love possibilities! Though that's a pretty bad name for the yarn, I'll come up with a better one I promise.

But there was still more! A book stand, to knit and read concurrently, using, you know, books rather than a dvd. Chris did point out to me a while ago that I was reading while knitting already if I was watching dvds. Duuuuuuh. I'm so used to captions and subtitles I'd not thought of it that way, I guess. And! A book with dyeing recipes, for both yarn and fabric. I confess I always wanted to dye fabric, and this was a neat book to read over dinner (sans knitting. One sharp implement at a time, please!) I will have to feel good with dyeing yarn first before I get into farbics, though.... I think.

The cherry on top! That mug IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. Really. I love it! If I ever get my tea (I mailed tea to myself. Shut up.) and my kettle, tea in a catchen mug we come! For now it'll be my water mug. Which I should say, in all truth, it'll be my mmmmmmmmmno kitty MY water mug. There are four paws on the back of the mug. Three for my herd, of course, and the fourth I think of as Chaos's pawprint, because really, this is such a wonderful way to greet my first week in my new apartment. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much, Chris!

04 June 2006


The catchen, they are happy. And Matisse and Picasso, particiularly Matisse, are containertastic.

You might even say that Matisse has made it clear that he misses his old red bowl and needs a new bowl right now.

Because venture a guess at how much time he's spent outside the bathroom sink today.

The only time he's left it today is to bother me and complain about his bowlless status while I eat at the dinner table.

That's okay, because I know exactly where to go when I want to bother him.

03 June 2006


With no point in shopping around for more furniture since I'd seen every place that offered furniture, I knitted a new warshrag, in the extended twin rib pattern which is a neat effect, really. And then in the afternoon, I finally got to go hoooooooome.

The solid wood round table turned out to be a signed Ethan Allen piece, which greatly enchuffed me. And my grandmother let me take these four vintage handmade chairs, which are a dark shade I rather like, and don't feel all matchymatchy with the table. I do fully intend to paint the table something because the whole combination is entirely too brown. And I'm thinking seat cushions that are knitted, or are a nice thick fabric, and doing these in white for the ease in bleachability. I am a great believer in bleach.

I was disappointed the solid rock maple dresser, while double dovetailed and with peg connections, was not an antique, but was a very very good vintage version, made by hand by an American company. How rare is that? Yeah. I can see painting this white, and adding oversized pewter pulls and I think removing the mirror. The finish seriously needs some help, no matter what.

This dresser wasn't an acquision this weekend, as this dresser is my childhood dresser. But the pewter bin pulls on the middle two drawers were, as my grandmother generously got me enough pulls to do the entire dresser. Once again I'm seriously considering painting this unit, because I don't think it'll look "right" with the new pulls until I do so. But the pulls are in my opinon an immense improvement over the original faux colonial brass pulls.

Paint paint paint paint. Right now the entire apartment is essentially nothing but browns and creams and that's just too depressing for me. My clothes are the sole bit of color in the entire space! Uggggggggggggh. I like a good dark brown, especially in wood, as a counterpoint, as a complement, not as the main entree. Makes me want to run screaming into the night. I'm envisioning watery blue-greens as a counterpoint to all this oppressiveness.... It's a lovely well lit apartment most of the day just from natural light, and it's a waste to have the apartment be so.... brown. If you ask me.

02 June 2006


The annual citywide rummage sale was here. And while I had every intention of waking up super-early and walking around to check out what was for sale, the truth was that I was exhausted and counted it good that I was out by 815 AM. I saw a few things I liked, but most were, in my opinon, staggeringly overpriced. And most of the furniture I saw I hated because it was either faux colonial or faux wood, or *shudder* both.

I did manage to luck out and get a round solid wood dining table for $10, it needed to be painted or refinished but it was eminently serviceable and looked pretty good.

I would have liked to buy a trunk I saw, but the sellers wanted $40 for a trunk that would have required a lot of scraping and removing of trim (much of the trim woodwork was gone, making me wonder how they thought it was worth 40, but I digress) and I wasn't able to get them to be willing to part with it for $20, with the lowest they would go for being $30. Not worth it, so o well. I also saw a small sofa (really a tiny loveseat) but the seller wanted $80 and was offended when I offered $40. Oh well there too.

Then there was a seller who had a lovely trunk, made in the late 1940s, with solid cedar wood interior. The internal hinges would have had to be replaced or rescrewed because they'd both broken free of the wood they were attached to, and the seller was firm on his $40 price. It really was beautiful, and I considered paying the asking price anyway until my mother took me back to my grandmother's house and showed me a larger but similarly styled trunk in much much nicer condition. Would my grandmother give it to me for me to use? Sure, but, in her words, my grandfather gave it to her when she was 17 57 years ago, and I could have it when she was dead. Um... Yay. I did find it comical I had never known it'd existed before, and it was buried in a pile of 1970s rugs. I am not exaggerating that these rugs were from the 70s by the way. Nope. But I understand sentimentality, especially since my grandfather died last September of lung cancer.

So sum total of rummaging: a table. MYOI. And a mirror I found for $1 with a nice frame I'll repaint and hang in the bathroom, the existing sole mirror is a bit on the you've got to be kidding side sizewise. I can hardly see my entire face in it! So the mirror will be a nice addition.

Today I caston and finished a feather and fan warshrag. While my mother and grandmother liked the ballband one better, I enjoyed the feather and fan one much more, because you could see the pattern better. Plus? Wavy! Doesn't that make you feel smart? It does me. Perhaps I am easily amused.

01 June 2006


My mother picked me up at ten in the morning, and we headed to my grandmother's. I agreed to stay at her home through Saturday because I knew I needed furnishings for the home, and this weekend was the annual city-wide rummage sale in her town. My mother and her husband were heading to her place a day early in order to assist my grandmother in getting ready for the sale itself. I took this opportunity to pre-shop the wares, if you will, and picked up a couple plant stands I would use as end tables, as well as accepting my grandmother's generous offer of the vintage solid rock maple dresser I'd coveted for years.

And I cast on for a Mason-Dixon ballband warshrag, in solid white. While it lacked the visual appeal that multicolored versons had, it still had a lovely tactile quality I liked, and I finished it by 10 pm, watching along to Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland season 4. Mmmmmmm.