13 April 2006

Dear Ann and Kay

Dear Ann and Kay:

I must apologize for my tragic wardrobe malfunction. I had meant to put on my "Rebecca is an obsessed knitter outfit" but apparently I dressed in the dark because I grabbed the "Rebecca is the red nosed victim of a sinus infection" getup instead. So I would understand if you would rather just wave at me and use someone else's pen.

Still and all, I did remember to pack in my handknit bag, next to the 50 pound sinuses and a sock in progress, the most important thing: the feverent (not feverish) desire to see the two of you. So here I am. Not even my sinus infection will prevent me from showing my undying (less dying, more antibiotics) desire to meet y'all and have the honor of your signatures in my book!

Please forgive me.




Blogger Chris said...

Oh, very cool!! :) Poor sinuses, but good to see them! Must figure out if they're coming here...

Hope you're starting to feel better?!

8:36 PM  

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