14 March 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Evil Fraro!

Today, for Self Portrait Tuesday, I present to you one of Fraro's deep dark secrets. You see, she's not all sweetness and light and knitting. Every once in awhile, she gets in one of those deep dark moods and needs to go out and kick ass. When she does, she brings along her Secret Deadly Ninja cats as her sidekicks.

Evil Fraro

Yes, it's Evil Fraro. With her Secret Deadly Ninja cats, she stalks the night bringing misery and sorrow to those who do not follow the IKEA Way

Evil Fraro and Ninja

Here is one of her Secret Deadly Ninja Cats. Yes, it doesn't look very cattish. Of course it does. It's a ninja who will flip out, rip out your spine, and show it to you as you go, "Hey, is that my spine?" as you collapse into a tidy pile of flesh. When hidden, they appear to be simple sleeping cats. Really.

Fraro Shoots

Here, we see the Fraro in action against the forces of the Unbelievers of IKEA. While her Secret Deadly Ninja Cat holds their attention by ripping out their spines, she attacks from afar with a bow and arrow. During some downtime, the arrows make handy knitting needles to make new tabi (boots) for her feline ninja squad.

Fraro in the muck

Occasionally, her hunts for the Unbelievers of IKEA take her into the sewers. While she doesn't mind the muck very much, it's heck on her clothes. Fortunately, she has a deal with her cleaners that passes the bill on to her good side. Also? Reinforces her dislike of earthtones yet again.

Fortunately, in better times, her catchen do some heroics hoping to offset the ruin they wreak as Secret Deadly Ninja Cats

Heroic Matisse

Matisse stands in front of his favorite perching tree. When in hero mode, he acts as the tank, wading in to combat first to absorb the damage as his friends take down the bad guys.

Flaming Matisse

Those who know Matisse well will understand exactly why he's on fire in this picture. It's just his built in shield. Really.

Hero Picasso

Picasso remains a happy chap in his hero guise. Scampering around with his fellow heroes, he keeps a force field around them to help reduce the beating they take. When he's not fighting, he can usually be found snoozing in some sunny spot on some warm masonry.

Picasso in a ball

He also likes rolling around in his hamster ball of a force field. Remember Violet from The Incredibles? Just like that.

All screenshots come from City of Heroes, one very fun MMORPG. You can either play a good hero or devious villain (You need the seperate City of Villains expansion for bad guys), and the costume creator can make you look like almost anything you can imagine. If you play, I'm normally on the Protector server under a few characters, you can find me with the global handle @Kammat. Hope you come on by!


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