31 January 2006

Calliope Hat

Calliope Hat, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

For some reason, I seem to have forgotten to blog about this hat! I'll do that today. Calliope was my first hat, and as such is slightly, um, suffused with character. But I love the yarn very much, I don't know if you can see it, but there's some pooling and flashing of the purple, and that part is really neat. This hat I could have stood to make wider around, but oh well. I did 68 stitches around on 6.5mm 16" Addi Turbos.

30 January 2006

Last minute birthday present!

Sacha Mohair Yarn, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

This inauspicious beginning of a label in German and a yarn composed of 15% mohair, 70% acrylic and 15% virgin wool will become this:

The airy scarf, in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.It's for my grandmother's birthday present on the 7th. We will see how much I can do by then!

29 January 2006

The ballad of Grover the dead muppet scarf

Once upon a time, in the frigid snows of December,
Verde went to an ye olde cheapass craft store in
Richmond, Virginia, and procured for the Frarochvia
two semi-precious 55 yard balls of Nicole Flutter
Yarn, in a blue-purple-teal colorway, acquired for the
princely sum of two dollars

The two balls languished in wound-ball-land throughout
the months of December and January, until the
Frarochvia saw fit to remove them from their purgatory
long and silent it was, in the dark netherworld of the
trunk, shrouded with plastic to keep the cat hair away
from their every flut.

Thus exposed to the light, they rejoiced, but for mere moments, until the Picasso he espyed the balls, as the Frarochvia began to knit.

But, alas. There was trouble on the horizon.

Hmmmmm, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

For the Picasso, he had found the Hiding Spot.

Let me unravel it for you, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

The balls, they flut flut flut fluttered everywhere, unraveled, shredded, drooled, chewed, love love love loved with much loving.

Chew Chew Lick Lick Love, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Somehow, the Frarochvia persevered. She wound the balls, she triple-bagged the balls to thwart even the wooing of the plastic-and-yarn loving yarnivore Picasso. And she knit. Again.

Ten stitches per row, in garter stitch she stitched. Addi Turbos in 10.5, the better to prevent the Picasso from running off with the scarf.

And she knit.

The scarf, it grew grew grew grew until the moment came and the Frarochvia had to admit it. The scarf looked like Grover. Grover's pelt. And if the Frarochvia was knitting Grover, Grover was dead. And! She was knitting a dead muppet scarf!

The Paws saw the scarf, and from the first moment she donned the dead muppet scarf, a designation so laudable that it recieved its own ASL sign name, it was kismet. And the Frarochvia said, what Picasso and g-d have put together, let no knitter unravel.

And it was good.

28 January 2006

Saturdays are for Sockapaloooza

I signed up for the Sockapaloooza knitalong hosted by the blue blog! And there's this really cool button:

Don't you just love that!

Since we aren't getting our sockpal until February 1st, all I can do is coo at the button. So, coo. coo coo.

21 January 2006


Texture!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

This is a really simple throw I'm making. Don't mind the uneven looking loops; the blanket is in severe need of a blocking. I'm doing it up in KnitPicks Suri Dream yarn, which is 74% Suri alpaca, 22% wool, and 4% nylon. It manages to both be gossamer-like and densely fuzzy, which I really like. I'm up to 2 balls out of 7, and this throw will grow up to be 6 by 6 feet. I'm making it on 19mm 32" Addi Turbos, just straight garter all the way through. It's really easy, but bulky, so not going as fast as I would like!

15 January 2006

B is for baba

Babochka and the throw, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Babachen is the greatest geriatic catchen ever. For those new of you to my blog, which would be, well, everybody, I call cats catchen mostly because in German liebchen is used to denote my little love, and frankly, those catchen? My little love love love loves.

Babochka would be the greatest love of them to me. I admit it. I am overtly attached. Her real name is something mostly lost to the ages, as she's been babachen, my little grandmother, for so long. She's now something like 14 years old, and in a few short months I'll have had her for half my life. She and I have been roommates in a succession of apartments since 1998, and her illnessess and messes notwithstanding, she is my favorite roommate. Baba and I sleep together every night all snuggled up like how a little kid snuggles with a toy to sleep with. And she's on my lap every night as I knit, and seems to be of the opinon that babas eat ice cream, milk, cheese, and chocolate. She's the babachen, I'm just the catstaff, so poking me to death and demanding to lick my lips usually occurs, and it's just a question of who can hold out the longest. I'm not ashamed to say I usually lose, because baba may not have claws, but she can lick me to death, and threatening her with a spoon disembowelment never seems effective. Wonder why.

10 January 2006


Hat!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

My third hat in three days... I enjoyed the making of this hat a lot, especially the creative process involved in deciding how big to make the stripes. I made this hat with 11 rows of K2P2 rib, and then rows 12-38 were sockinette with K2tog decreases after that.

However, the yarn is KnitPicks's Wool of The Andes yarn. I think that it's a bit lifeless, really, and not as crisp or yummo as I'd like it to be. It probably was too much of a contrast compared to that of the Isabel yarn. I would say this yarn is good for children or for felting projects. I admit though I do like that this hat took half of 3 balls of yarn, and with each ball under $2, that means this hat cost me $3! Great learning experience.

09 January 2006


Isabel, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

My second hat, and the modified in-the-round Miss Bell pattern. I also learned the cable cast on, and this made an incredible difference! I increased the number of caston stitches to 76, did the first twenty rows in k2p2 rib, the rest in sockinette, and this hat fits really well! I love it.

08 January 2006


Calliope Scarf, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

This is what resulted from the box of yarns Neekamarie sent me! We won't talk about how many attempts it took me to get this done right... something like 10. Different stitch patterns, different needle sizes. Didn't help that I wanted to emulate the Neekita style and we have vastly different stitch gauges!

01 January 2006

A is for American Sign Language

I'm going to gratuitiously invite myself to the

ABC along. I'm not officially signed up as of yet, but at this point I still think it's a great idea, so off I go!

American Sign Language is the most important thing in my life, so it's fitting that it's the first thing I'll talk about. It just plain makes me happy. Thus the cute drawing above. I didn't make it, but I think it speaks for itself. ASL is the language of the American deaf community, and is spoken everywhere at Gallaudet University, where I work these days. I'm not going to give you a whole big history of ASL and the deaf community, other people can do that better than I. I would say though that if you were interested in any books about the deaf community, A Journey into the Deaf-World and my favorite, The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community. The former books is a positive view of the Deaf community from inside out, the latter is from outside in. I admit the latter is a lot more angry, but it's seriously a book that I have handed out to people like candy.

For myself, as much as I love English, love the English language, utilize it every day in my life as I read, write, talk on IM to everybody and their cats, read blogs, read captions on my DVDs, I just cannot live without ASL. I've tried, and let's just say that Deep Depressive Funks are the sort of thing that shouldn't be repeated ever. For me, as someone who has a deep and abiding love for Gustav Mahler and wrote grad papers on his music, sounds are nonsensical and not useful, eexcept for that of music. I can lipread, but it's fraught with, at best, difficultcies, and speaking is the same way. I mean, even Picasso and Kahlo think I'm calling them no matter who I call!

But ASL? With it being the language of the home, home is just that: a sanctuary, a safe place where everyone is understood and can understand. A place where I can be included at the dinner table, and can laugh and groan with everyone else. At my job at Gallaudet University, every single one of my clients uses ASL, and of course I use ASL with all of them. I speak ASL to my coworkers, speak ASL with my boss, and speak ASL with my friend Paws who happens to work just around the corner from me.

I wish ASL was more widely accepted and understood, if only because it's one of those things that's hard for people to understand the importance of. But it's easy to not understand that when you are exposed to English 24/7. When you don't have anyone speaking ASL in the world outside your door, it's different. That's one reason, of course, that I like being online so much, even though it's all in English, because at least you understand me and I understand you. That's the feeling I have when I speak ASL in an environment receptive to it.