30 November 2005


George is done! I finished him at the book club (which is hilarious when you think about the whole deaf person needing hands to talk and knitting thing) at lunch and I'm now wearing him.

29 November 2005

George George George

Why do I love George so much? I don't know. But I do. Right now? I'm wearing a 9/10ths done George with a giant needle still on one end because I'm a lame dork like that. Instead of sleeping. I'm totally loving George in all his Lion Brand not-from-nature goodness. Mmmmmmmmm.

He's about six feet long now and is the width of Benkei, so I guess five inches wide?

My goal is to have George 100% done today which should be eminently doable. I want to wear him Thursday because it's colder on Thursday than it has been this past week, and I'll have the sweater combo I had on Sunday which I think will look cute with George, a variegated grey sweater with hot pink french cuffed shirt under. George will also look grrrrrreat with a simple all-black outfit, but I don't have any black sweaters with me right now, so the variegated it is for now.

What's weird though, is how much I'm sort of dragging out George's making because I'm enjoying making him so much. Has anyone ever had that happen?

28 November 2005


The Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn in the Smoky Mountains colorway that I really should be more ashamed of even possessing than I am?

I love knitting it!

I know, I know. But I do. Mr Pointy loves him, too.

And it's so fat and chunky and looks sort of smoky and um, mountainic and all? Abominable snowman! And what does he want? Something to hold and love and squeeze and call George.

George this scarf is.


Yes, at some point I should use my fancy camera as opposed to Benkei's crappy camera, but that point? Isn't now.

27 November 2005

Knit Happens, again

Huggiebear and I had the bright idea to go to Knit Happens together today.

Okay, maybe I asked to go to Arlington on Sunday all week long, with the idea that we would go eat at La Madeline and then accidentally go to Knit Happens, which is around the corner from La Madeline.

But that's not the point.

He's the one who flagged the cab to take us there, so it's all his fault, okay.

Anyway, Verde, who'd been up all night long, was for some reason out in Arlington Cemetery looking for one particular gravestone instead of sleeping at home like a good little Verde. Arlington is only a few subway stops away from King Street, which is the metro stop you'd get off at and then take the free downtown bus 10 blocks to Washington Street, and why am I telling you this? Anyway, through the magic of our respective Sidekicks, we were able to coordinate our arrivals mere minutes apart at La Madeline for brunch.

And then, the main course! Knit Happens. I glommed back to the needle room, which is painted green and has a metric buttload of needles. Did I mention the needles? I sat on the floor tearing through the Lantern Moon stuff that were in several baskets, looking for one or two in sizes I wanted, I'm realistic and everything, you know, those things are not cheap.

Huggiebear is the bestest Huggiebear in the whole wide world, and the latest reason thus far is because he has been so loving and supportive in this whole knitting obsessional freakfest thing. So you know? Walking into the needle room and saying I could have as many needles as I wanted? *snif*

Mr Pointy has a Pointy family. He's now the Godpointy.

For myself, I picked up some funky yarn to make my own clapotis with. I had eyed the Filati Shine in colorway 88 the last time I'd been at Knit Happens, so I knew that when I was still tempted, still wanted to make a clapotis with it, and it was 50% off to boot, I was doomed. I figure it'll be a great project to suck up a lot of time with and learn new things with.

25 November 2005

Rag Shop

Rag Shop is raggedy. In the we sell Lion Brand and somehow manage to not force our clerks to check out customers whilst wearing paper bags on their heads way.

Still, it was awesome to go there on Black Friday. With Huggiebear.

The goal was merely to go to a LYS near Huggiebear's parental units'. I'd whipped out my knitting Wednesday night when we got there, and Huggiemom showed me her fun fur scarf in progress. (You would have thought that'd have been a clue it was not chichi, but I don't know, I'd never heard of Rag Shop and hey any excuse to go to a yporn or is that a pyarn store).

We did get some basic notions there, which is the great thing about a non-chichi LYS. And? Yes, I got some Lion Brand yarn and I'm mostly not ashamed of it. Mostly.

One yarn I liked a lot and wanted to experiment with was Lion Suede which is really cute and nubbly and Huggiebear was evil and forced me to put 5 balls of it in the shopping cart. I have two black balls for Paws's scarf, which really needs less in the visually exciting "wow you knit a complicated stitch pattern!" way and more in the "this is a cool end treatment and man is this scarf long and narrow and really really soft and hey it's black just like I wanted" way. The other three are for a brown scarf for me. Excuse me, the coffee colorway. I have no idea why I need a brown scarf, but I need one. Um, I have a brown soft turtleneck sweater and simply have no scarf to match it! How's that? Of course I'll need brown shoes too eventually but one obsession at a time, okay.

The other thing was the yarn I really should be ashamed to be admitting in public that Huggiebear put in the shopping cart, Jiffy Thick and Quick in the Smoky Mountains colorway. Um, um, you see, it was really cute in the store and um, Mr Pointy really needed some yarn to play with. See? It takes a US 17 needle and that's Mr Pointy!

Are you convinced?

23 November 2005

skeins and pornography

After casting on for the back of the pink 2x2 ribbed sweater only about 70 times, ok, more like 7, but still, isn't that excessive?!?!? I finally have the back started and on its way. I'm well behind schedule compared to the front of the sweater, but still, today while in the car wheezing and koffing I managed to finish 25 rows, which brings us to dun dun dun dun dun 3150 stitches so far today.

My life is exciting, I know.

I brought a ball of cashmere yarn with me and one of the skeins of Cascade 220 Quatro which will be turned into the Sophie purse for Verde. Verde's skein, which she picked out, is a yarn composed of four separate colors, a dark purple, a green, a sort of pink, and a cranberryish color. Verde's is 9440. I'm curious to see how it'll felt up! I also have a skein at home for myself in multicolored pinks and reds, more monochrome, which is the 9433.

I admit though I'm looking at Knit Picks at their Wool of the Andes yarns for little projects because 52 billion projects in my war chest coffee table trunk? Not enough!

I am still out there looking for a variegated charcoal/grey yarn. For a sweater. The least popular color in the universe right now, for some reason. And it was so totally in last year! Sigh.

21 November 2005

I'm sorry, Picasso!

Okay, so Verde and I spent a good hour or so Sunday looking for the fourth 5.5mm needle. I had two occupied with the back of my sweater, and there was one free one and where was that fourth needle?!?!?!

I should have had a clue when I said the back of my sweater.

We looked under the sofa three times. We looked under the rug. Under the credenzas. Behind them. We body-cavity searched Picasso. But he wasn't giving up his secrets. We had a hateon on Picasso.

When I woke up this morning, I figured out where it was.

Of course.

The front of my sweater. It's not cast off yet, so of course the needle was holding the whole thing together.

I feel like an idiot. Of this transgression at least, you are not guilty, Picasso, and I apologize!

20 November 2005

The Battle of the Lace

For some reason, when Verde and I got home from Knit Happens and had dinner, we had the bright idea of saying that, you know, we are knitters. We know how to knit. We know how to purl. As Verde would say, if other people can knit lace, so can we.



You see, the lace? Bit our asses. We? Sucked.

It might have helped if I could have read the book at all to follow the pictures, but I'm not so sure. Verde, the resident book picture follower, couldn't do it either. We got as far as the knit. The purl. The weird backward squiggle thing. The other thing where you do a knit but don't do a knit. Okay. We got that. Sort of. Kinda.

But not even Mr Pointy was strong enough to stand up to the challenge of slip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over. Whatever that was. It was terrifying.

There might have been a reason why the lace chapter was at the back of the book, I suppose. But that would have been logical to think that. Maybe we can find a hapless victim more experienced knitter that could teach us in the way of the lace. Of course, were it up to Verde, she we would ply said victim with a lot of the whiskey we still have hanging around here and make him/her/it demonstrate lace knitting for hours. That would be a lot of drunken lace knitting, I suppose, but just think, it can't possibly be worse than the "lace" we came up with tonight.

19 November 2005

Unintended consequences

Of course, being a deaf person, I'm used to being stared at in public for using ASL and you know, generally being my blue skinned green antennaed self.


Tonight, when Verde and I were waiting for seats for dinner, she was mending yet another horrible Frarochvia fuckup casting on 126 stitches for the back of my pink 2x2 rib sweater, and I was balling up my cashmere yarn from the skein. That in itself wasn't anything special of course, except that we were stared at the entire time by two well-mannered fraternal twin girls who sat and watched us with our yarn in wide-eyed silence.

I have to admit, it was really nice to be stared at for something other than being a deaf person.

Frarochvia falls in love with Mr Pointy

Verde and I were going to Knit Happens! today come hell or high water. I for one, the knitting obsessed dilentantte was armed with a long little list of items I wanted to see if I could get there, and if nothing else, touch touch touch touch. Yarn touching is awesome, you see.

This may just be one of the few times I would prefer the Local Yarn Store, or as they say, the LYS, instead of online shopping, except for the prices and whatnot you can get online. Because? Yarn touching? Awesome. I might have said that already. Well, it bears saying more than once. Or twice. Or 30 times.

Especially if it's cashmere, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Knit Happens! is in Old Town Alexandria, and Verde and I have gotten to know it pretty well the last couple weeks because of the blog at that store's website, along with a few other blogs. It was very weird to walk into the store and immediately find the store and the people in there familiar given all the pictures and whatnot. Hey, at least for once I didn't have to wonder who worked there and who didn't. For once.

Knit Happens!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Verde and I got down to business. If molesting yarn is a business. Molest molest molest yarn yarn yarn. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn. We both fell in love with Cascade 220 in only about eleventy billion colorways and I'm not telling you how many left the store with us, except to say that hey, it's only about $8 a skein. Practically free.

We made a big mess looking for three skeins of Noro Kureyon in colorway #52. That was fun, I must admit. I'm making a Booga bag with that. That'll be fun!

I might have looked for some red yarn for my mother's project, but I certainly couldn't admit in public whether or not I bought anything for that, of course.

I got myself a little treat of a variegated cashmere yarn that picked up the lavender of my wool coat beautifully. That was all Verde's fault is thanks to Verde's suggestion.

Of course, the most important thing about the whole trip was my meeting Mr Pointy. We met, we wooed, we made exchange of vow. And if you don't know where that line is from, you suck.

Mr Pointy is a Lantern Moon single ended ebony wood needle. I suppose technically there are two Mr Pointys, but that's not as fun to say. My only regret is that the only pair I have at the moment is a 12mm/US 17, the better to knit Mr. Ball, who I will introduce to you later. Mr Pointy is beautiful, big, smooth, and simply sublime to knit with, with a heft that manages to be exquisitely light, gliding, and smooth smooth smooth to use, especially with his, er, well, point. I might be in love a little bit with him.

11 November 2005

It was not a G rated Friday

By any stretch of the imagination. Ahem. I might have been very upset. A few times. Verde might have hysterically amused.

It involved frogging.

Maybe I need to start this story a bit earlier. A few weeks ago I had the bright idea of asking Verde to teach me how to knit. As she is a right handed knitter and I am a lefthanded knitter, hijinks ensued. Especially with the whole strange notion of "learning how to knit from a book" which was shortly found to be generally a spectacular failure given the whole lefthanded not learning all that well from a righthanded book.

Anyway, Verde. Frarochvia. Knitting. Learning how. And for some reason, probably to Verde's great surprise, I glommed took to knitting with great aclarity. I learned that I liked knitting. A little bit. Not a whole lot, mind you. Certainly not so much that I started knitting on my commute to work. All day at work. My commute home from work. All night on the sofa. Dreamed about knitting. Accumulated a small war chest of knitting accrouterments and yarns. Nope. I didn't do any of that at all.

Oh wait.

Anyway. By tonight, I had done 2,000 stitches on a 2x2 ribbed scarf made of pink yarn, and 3,000 stitches of handspun recycled silk Himalayan yarn in the round. The only problems were that 1) the scarf had a missed stitch and a misdone one and um, even Verde's expert ministrations were not enough to save the scarf's life. That was mifftastic, but you know, dealable. It was a relatively easy going yarn and reknitting it would be easy enough if not exactly YAYtastic because of all the work that I'd put into it.

The silk yarn in the round? I'm pretty sure though, that it was supposed to have been knit in the round as opposed to, a Moibus strip. That might have been the point where I lost it. A little. With a few fuck! and a few goddam motherfucking piece of crap! and a few other possibly more colorful comments. Verde, of course, ate it all up. I could not let go of those goddam 5,000 stitches. Fucking goddam stitches and all that fucking goddam work. Ahem.

Even so, I was not about to um, let go easily. FROG ALL THAT WORK?!?!? What kind of monster are you!

Verde? Still thought it was all funny.

But it was frogged. Every last stitch. All 5,000. Even if I couldn't watch. And made Verde do the butchering.

So much for glorious career in knitting.