19 July 2006

Promises of Good Things to Come

A Postcard from the UK!

I am so excited! But I also can't believe that I only got this postcard yesterday, when the date on the card says 20 June. Wow. My sock kit swap pal is British! I think. At the time she sent the card, she was in the UK. Heeeeeee. The postcard does have British stamps on it and there's a picture of Canterbury on the other side:

UK Postcard!

I love the stamps! Especially Mr Orange Head:

Mr Orange Head

It's really too bad Benkei sucks at macro.

I am so excited about the kit that's coming!

Oh look!

Yarn Box card

Yarn Box tonight! Can't wait. This is a box where a bunch of us get on a list and throw what we don't want in the box and take out what we want, and then ship it on to the next person. Fun!

bucket hat #2

But really? All I want to do is work on my cute! cute! summer! hat! $2 buys a lot of pretty, doesn't it? Can't wait to wear it with a matching shirt and be too too.


Blogger Chris said...

Ho ho ho - I think I know who your swap pal is!! :)

Neener neener neener!

11:06 AM  
Anonymous janine said...

Well she might be British, but when I sent a postcard to my Scretpal, I got one friend to buy me a postcard from abroad, wrote it and them got another one to post it for me when they went away. Isn't everyone as devious as me???

2:47 PM  
Blogger stitchnsnitch said...

How exciting for you! ;)

8:03 PM  
Blogger Sunidesus said...

I have a totally un-post related question... how do you get Benkei the Sidekick to upload pictures to the internet? For a while I had a plugin that scanned an e-mail folder and then posted automatically, but that doesn't work anymore. Or does it require the newer Sidekick (I have a two year old one) Thanx! :)

1:51 PM  

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