08 July 2006


I confess I am thoroughly sick of wool. SO sick of it. There's the Matisse wearing me while I handle wool, there's the sticky squeaky feel of the wool as it glormphs past the metal needle, there's the clammy hands, there's just nothing good about wool right this moment.

Photo 851.jpg

In with the cotton! In with the hats! I saw that Bonne Marie had bought Sugar n Cream yarn to make her bucket hat with. INSPIRATION! Hobby Lobby had SNC for $1 per... and I was off to the races.

Photo 858.jpg

Please note the marked absence of the Matisse on my lap. I'm very happy! And isn't that yarn working up cute?


Blogger Chris said...

Poor Matisse. *sniff*

2:07 PM  
Anonymous katie said...

That's great that your officemate speaks ASL. Today my boss was out sick, and it was so lonely and boring without anyone to talk to all day. A little chatter helps make working more pleasant.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

Yeah- when it's hot, I don't even want to touch wool. So I mainly stayed with cotton, bamboo or with non-wool yarns - Noro Sakura for one.

4:03 PM  

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