11 June 2006

Sundays are for Grammas

I was tired after the work all day Saturday, but today wasn't going to be a day of rest, because gramma was coming over and we were going to get some stuff! I'd finally decided what to get, and it wasn't going to be a laptop (snif) or a TV. Gramma had a hard time finding the new apartment, but eventually I found her! And then we went to Linens and Things, where we looked over the memory foam boxes and selected one that was firm and thick enough, and also had a zipup cover included with it, and with that, it was very reasonably priced, for what it was. Also? Sheets! Queen sheets, 300 count sateen cotton, in a random stripe woven pattern. Please don't ask me what color they are, you should know me by now.... heh.

No pictures because, well, you know. Also, how exciting are sheets? To look at, anyway. But as a sheetophile, I loves sheets. Loves them muchly. MmmmmMMMmmMMMmmm.


Blogger Chris said...

I'm not sure I've ever HAD sheets of that level of cotton quality!

4:53 PM  

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