02 June 2006


The annual citywide rummage sale was here. And while I had every intention of waking up super-early and walking around to check out what was for sale, the truth was that I was exhausted and counted it good that I was out by 815 AM. I saw a few things I liked, but most were, in my opinon, staggeringly overpriced. And most of the furniture I saw I hated because it was either faux colonial or faux wood, or *shudder* both.

I did manage to luck out and get a round solid wood dining table for $10, it needed to be painted or refinished but it was eminently serviceable and looked pretty good.

I would have liked to buy a trunk I saw, but the sellers wanted $40 for a trunk that would have required a lot of scraping and removing of trim (much of the trim woodwork was gone, making me wonder how they thought it was worth 40, but I digress) and I wasn't able to get them to be willing to part with it for $20, with the lowest they would go for being $30. Not worth it, so o well. I also saw a small sofa (really a tiny loveseat) but the seller wanted $80 and was offended when I offered $40. Oh well there too.

Then there was a seller who had a lovely trunk, made in the late 1940s, with solid cedar wood interior. The internal hinges would have had to be replaced or rescrewed because they'd both broken free of the wood they were attached to, and the seller was firm on his $40 price. It really was beautiful, and I considered paying the asking price anyway until my mother took me back to my grandmother's house and showed me a larger but similarly styled trunk in much much nicer condition. Would my grandmother give it to me for me to use? Sure, but, in her words, my grandfather gave it to her when she was 17 57 years ago, and I could have it when she was dead. Um... Yay. I did find it comical I had never known it'd existed before, and it was buried in a pile of 1970s rugs. I am not exaggerating that these rugs were from the 70s by the way. Nope. But I understand sentimentality, especially since my grandfather died last September of lung cancer.

So sum total of rummaging: a table. MYOI. And a mirror I found for $1 with a nice frame I'll repaint and hang in the bathroom, the existing sole mirror is a bit on the you've got to be kidding side sizewise. I can hardly see my entire face in it! So the mirror will be a nice addition.

Today I caston and finished a feather and fan warshrag. While my mother and grandmother liked the ballband one better, I enjoyed the feather and fan one much more, because you could see the pattern better. Plus? Wavy! Doesn't that make you feel smart? It does me. Perhaps I am easily amused.


Blogger Chris said...

I think people watch too many Antiques Roadshowy things and think their stuff is worth more than it is!

I do know what you mean about feather and fan - lace, hello! I took a beginning lace class with Myrna Stahberg (sp?) a few years ago and we made feather and fan sampler washcloths. I was using green & white Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton and for some reason the sampler pattern pooled the green in such a way that I ended up with a green heart in the middle! Given as part of a wedding present...

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