12 June 2006


Leave it to me to keep everything to the last possible moment... But today the sun was finally shining and I could take pictures! This was the best of the bad pictures on Benkei. I also took "real" pictures but without a computer, we'll all have to wait. MYOI.

I think it turned out well! Greens and blues and purples and teals and bright blues. Do you like it? I hope my dyepal does!

Today was EXTREMELY busy. I was up at o bright 30 to get on the bus and head over to the uni, where I took the clerk civil exam. I have a scary amazing edietic memory up there in my noggin, where I could type the typing test from memory because it was the same exact documents as the last time I took the test 7 years ago. But could I remember where I put the chocolate bar the other day? No. I could not. *sob*

I typed my little heart out, flew through the organizing, spelling, grammar, etc section, plugged in my resume, and I was done, with 70 minutes to spare, even with reviewing everything. That was fun! So I walked over to my mother's office and we had lunch and then we went back and I worked and worked on cover letters, a newly typed resume (I had an old hard copy but given I had learned the new address after I no longer had a computer, it was necessary to retype it), and filling out application forms on the typewriter. Two applications I was filling out were due at 5 pm today, and I'd only learned of them, what, last Friday? Eep. Type type type type, plow plow plow. Straight keyboards make my arm seriously burn and throb, but there was nothing doing, I had to finish them! And I did. I got them in to the library by 4 pm. I was proud of myself, frankly, even if by then it was all I could do to go home and ingest medication that may or may not be Canadian, and flop on the sofa.



Blogger Chris said...

No wonder you were so tired - that sounds like a LOT of typing. Owie.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...


5:40 PM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

p.s. so what? send it to me anyway. I'm a greedy knitter. You too.

5:41 PM  

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