10 June 2006


Pretend you see pictures here. I sent them to someone to have them uploaded, but they're still not uploaded, so let's pretend together.

Anyway today, I could dye! Because I had the yarn! The pot! The dye! Amazing.

So I put the two skeins of Dale Baby Ull on the counter and divided them roughly in half, with a cotton yarn tightly (on purpose!) tied around the middle. Then I plopped half of each skein into the dyepot with a glopped amount of Wilton's royal blue. The yarn, it must be noted, was orignally a flouroscent yellow. Yum!

After a little bit, the dye exhausted, and I took it out of the pot (ow! ow! hot!) and flipped it over to do it all over again, with some violet dye. After that was exhausted, I took the hot skein, ran it under cold water until it wasn't boiling hot, and then went ahead and wound it into a super long skein across four chair backs. Thanks for convincing me to take all four chairs, mom and gramma! I know that wasn't exactly how you envisioned me using those chairs, though....

I then hung it up. And while Verde thought it looked cool and loud, I, as a known non-proponent of yellow, dithered over it a couple hours, and finally dumped it into a bath of more blue dye. And then, as Chris knows, I forgot about it and took a bath :) Came back out when it "smelled" done. Mmmmm done! But I'd messed up and tied the strings around the yarn too tightly so there was still yellow. So I got to *ow ow ow hot* cut all the ties, retie them loosely, and dump it into another blue bath.

And I had a heck lotta fun and would I do it again? YES!


Blogger Chris said...

And it turned out pretty!!!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

Hey- yellow can be cool. *raspberry*

5:41 PM  

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