04 June 2006


The catchen, they are happy. And Matisse and Picasso, particiularly Matisse, are containertastic.

You might even say that Matisse has made it clear that he misses his old red bowl and needs a new bowl right now.

Because venture a guess at how much time he's spent outside the bathroom sink today.

The only time he's left it today is to bother me and complain about his bowlless status while I eat at the dinner table.

That's okay, because I know exactly where to go when I want to bother him.


Blogger Chris said...

Great photos! Are the bowls gone gone gone, or in transit

You could do an entire series for the cats in sinks website on Matisse...

8:35 PM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Awwww! So good to see the catchen relaxing in their new home.

The photos of your furniture won't upload on my browser - is this a problem with my browser or yours?

5:11 PM  

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