03 June 2006


With no point in shopping around for more furniture since I'd seen every place that offered furniture, I knitted a new warshrag, in the extended twin rib pattern which is a neat effect, really. And then in the afternoon, I finally got to go hoooooooome.

The solid wood round table turned out to be a signed Ethan Allen piece, which greatly enchuffed me. And my grandmother let me take these four vintage handmade chairs, which are a dark shade I rather like, and don't feel all matchymatchy with the table. I do fully intend to paint the table something because the whole combination is entirely too brown. And I'm thinking seat cushions that are knitted, or are a nice thick fabric, and doing these in white for the ease in bleachability. I am a great believer in bleach.

I was disappointed the solid rock maple dresser, while double dovetailed and with peg connections, was not an antique, but was a very very good vintage version, made by hand by an American company. How rare is that? Yeah. I can see painting this white, and adding oversized pewter pulls and I think removing the mirror. The finish seriously needs some help, no matter what.

This dresser wasn't an acquision this weekend, as this dresser is my childhood dresser. But the pewter bin pulls on the middle two drawers were, as my grandmother generously got me enough pulls to do the entire dresser. Once again I'm seriously considering painting this unit, because I don't think it'll look "right" with the new pulls until I do so. But the pulls are in my opinon an immense improvement over the original faux colonial brass pulls.

Paint paint paint paint. Right now the entire apartment is essentially nothing but browns and creams and that's just too depressing for me. My clothes are the sole bit of color in the entire space! Uggggggggggggh. I like a good dark brown, especially in wood, as a counterpoint, as a complement, not as the main entree. Makes me want to run screaming into the night. I'm envisioning watery blue-greens as a counterpoint to all this oppressiveness.... It's a lovely well lit apartment most of the day just from natural light, and it's a waste to have the apartment be so.... brown. If you ask me.


Blogger Chris said...

No argument there - way too brown! It would depress me, too.

Hmm, aren't there knitted cushion covers in MDK, too? The all-purpose home decorating source - keep buying those cones of kitchen cotton...

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Hmmm...a signed Etan Allen table? Paint? Perhaps a knitted lace covering instead? Just sayin'...
The rest? A good paint job and new pulls, for sure. ;)It's a nice looking space. TONS more than I have.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy, I mailed your Dye-o-rama yarn last week, so keep your eyes on the look out. Probably with your move and a holiday last week, the post office is a bit sluggish. I hope you like it!
Your Secret Dye Pal

3:24 PM  

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