01 June 2006


My mother picked me up at ten in the morning, and we headed to my grandmother's. I agreed to stay at her home through Saturday because I knew I needed furnishings for the home, and this weekend was the annual city-wide rummage sale in her town. My mother and her husband were heading to her place a day early in order to assist my grandmother in getting ready for the sale itself. I took this opportunity to pre-shop the wares, if you will, and picked up a couple plant stands I would use as end tables, as well as accepting my grandmother's generous offer of the vintage solid rock maple dresser I'd coveted for years.

And I cast on for a Mason-Dixon ballband warshrag, in solid white. While it lacked the visual appeal that multicolored versons had, it still had a lovely tactile quality I liked, and I finished it by 10 pm, watching along to Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland season 4. Mmmmmmm.


Blogger Chris said...

I love the white versions of the MDK dishcloth - did you see their recent entry of the white ones with a color block? Very cool.

Do you write blog entries and then batch upload several days at a time? Because I swear bloglines told me nothing of the entries for the 31st, 1st, etc, until just now...

8:11 PM  

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