28 May 2006

Up the hill both ways in the snow

Rereading the blog because I could not remember the context in which people were making comments (it felt like reading someone else's blog. Weird. Guess I have been in a haze lately, wonder why.) I noticed I talked about calling my mother, I don't know if you wondered how I do that? A lot of people do. Nowadays you can use a relay service in a variety of ways, there's the traditional tty machine, but I haven't used mine in years and just got rid of it. You can use a relay service on several different websites, www.sprintrelayonline.com or www.ip-relay.com, which is quite useful since computers? Far more common than public ttys.

But ever since I got Benkei the Sidekick I haven't used these sites either. On Benkei the Sidekick, I have the option of using specific (free!) programs you can download to it that behave a lot like the "traditional" web interface relay sites, but I don't like that option, and no longer use these sites online or on Benkei the Sidekick. The newest option is to simply use the relay on AIM! IM chatting is of course easy and painfree and that's even more common nowadays than computers are because lots of cellphones have AIM. So I just use AIM to place telephone phone calls. The strange thrill of placing my very first phone call for a cab while I wasn't umblically attached to a computer, man! I never thought I'd do that.

And just think, 10 years ago interstate relay calls on TTYs were a newfangled concept. I used to be forced, when I was in uni, to call my mother through a tty and she had to have one on the other end too because it used to be that relay would only work intrastate. And trying to place calls "blind" sucked, because my only option was to dial and hope someone (was home and) picked up the phone, heard the tty announcement I maniacally keyed over and over, and knew where the tty was. Ttys were expensive and only my mother had one, I never called my grandmother or anyone else.

Yes, I'm one of those "old fogey" deafies who remember real well just how bad communication used to be.

The newest relay innovation? You can sign up for a free phone number assigned solely to you, and give that number to people, who think it's a normal phone number. Because it is. But instead of having to explain to people until you are blue in the face that you have to dial relay and then call me through that, (or giving people a number and telling them never to call because I'm not gonna pick up and talk on a phone, because it's a fax machine and thus you know, please fax, and for the love of g-d don't tell me, when I asked why you didn't fax, that you called repeatedly but the fax machine kept picking up because that plume of steam? Not boiling water. I'm just saying.) because does that ever work and do people do it, noooooooo, plus the hassle of a phone lamp signaller and yadda, you give this normal number that's all! yours! And people call it and a relay operator picks up and then talks to me through AIM.

Omg. Being *called*. Even when I'm on the go! Any computer anywhere when I'm signed in. I plotzed.

Especially when the first time someone called, it was the airline telling me my flight had been cancelled and they wanted to help me pick out an alternate flight. And I was on the bus to Chicago at the time. In the era of Before Equal Acess, they would have called my mother, which would have done me a lot of good because I haven't yet honed this telepathy thing.

I know, people take communication for granted. But you will not rip Benkei the Sidekick from my hands for all the tea in China.

In knittage news, I wish I hadn't knit last night (gasp! Shock!) because knitting lace when on codeine? Bad bad idea. I have to somehow insert a lifeline and frog five rows. I don't know what I was thinking. Wait. I wasn't. That's the problem. I don't normally have 2 projects going but I am thinking I need to cast on for a simple bag so you know, things like that won't happen again because I do have to lug every last blessed box to the new apartment from the apartment office.

Although I am trying not to think about that right now.

After nearly 15 hours on the sofa (I no longer have a mattress....) my legs are finally just sore. I'm a big time walker and it's sort of shocking to learn, yes, you really can walk too much. I also may or may not have eaten a lot of chocolate last night on top of the codeine. Which I know contributed to making me feel better.

Saran Wrap is better this morning, he woke me up to play fetch. Yay! Boo for the 6 am wakeup thing but yay for happier Picasso. And thus why I'm blogging so early. I'm awake. But not up. Nuh huh. No way. Not gonna putter around just yet. I think I'll read a few knittage blogs and go back to sleep....

Especially now that Saran Wrap is on my chest and purring loudly.


Blogger Peevish said...

You're right, I do take that kind of communication for granted - I hadn't thought of it that way before. I can see though, how wonderfully free it makes you feel!

Give Saran Wrap a cuddle from me - my Meiko likes to play fetch too!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

D'oh, I just take things for granted and didn't even wonder. Ack. I'm glad communication has gotten to much easier for you! Heh, I SOOOOOOOO hate talking on the phone, so really - you're not missing much there...

You can use a chibi or other sewing needle to run a lifeline. It will be fine. :) Easy peasy.

*pat pat* for Picasso.

It's 97F here and a bit humid and I just turned on the air because I was gone eariler. Chaos is flopped out on the tile, doing a dead kitty imitation (I checked).

5:35 PM  

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