04 May 2006


Dr Jane Fernandes rally, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Yesterday Gallaudet had a big rally. I love the Washington Post, except not, for trying to say everyone who went supported the protest. I went, and I didn't! Why did I go? Historianitis, for sure, and a desire to see someone say something cogent and perhaps even, you know, rational. We got dances, loud drumming, music loud enough a dead person 200 miles away would hear it, and a lot of talking about diversity.

The problem with the whole diversity "argument" is that all three of the final candidates were white. So...

I was glad to sit behind Dr. Fernandes, who showed up to what must have been a horrible experience. Someone needs to show support. It doesn't mean that I wholeheartedly threw my support behind her every step of the way, it means I am not convinced that this protest is anything less than a divisive process that is not based soundly on truthful facts and rational explanations. I know the Board of Trustees appointed her, and I have been nothing less than impressed with her words and her poise in the last few days. At some point the students will stop acting like spoiled brats. I hope that day is sooner rather than later.

Dr Jane Fernandes rally, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I liked this flyer a lot, because, HELLO no, the whole campus is not "united" against Fernandes.

Koigu Sproingu, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Here's the amazing progress on my koigu sproingu sock. No? It looks smaller than last time, you say? How about that? Hm. Yes. I frogged it last night, every last stitch of it. There was this minor technical problem with the longer the sock got, the more impossible it became to pull it over the heel onto the leg. Hm. I'm pretty sure socks are supposed to fit on legs. Defeat conceded, sock restarted. This time with 68 stitches, still on the size 0 Addi Turbos. I like the fabric the 0s are coming up with, so I think going up 8 stitches should do a good job. 4 would have been enough if it was just a leg issue but clearly I have more of a need of stretch when it comes to, what's it called, the ball of the foot? Especially in sockinette. So.

Thank you everyone for your kind emails and comments yesterday. I will get around to replying to everyone sometime today, yesterday I just felt, I don't know, unraveled. I searched around for the right word to use, it's not exactly so that I felt deflated or crushed or anything, more of... all the pieces were there, but it wasn't like a puzzle at all with pieces here and there, just it'd all become flattened out and I needed to make shapes again. Yesterday morning's viciousness with Kahlo affected me, I guess, and I know I'll be just fine. Matisse and Picasso were the absolute sweethearts they always are, and that was a kindness to come home to last night and to wake up to this morning. It's May and I'm tired, I want to be out in the sunshine or at least at home basking in the sunbeams with the catchenage.

Matisse and his hatbox, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Because I feel like it: here's the very first formal picture of Matisse, when he was a wee baby kitten. What do you mean, that doesn't look like a wee baby kitten? Scary thing? Yes! He was a baby. Not even a year old. When I adopted him at six months old, he was already bigger than baba. And you can see that his love affair with Round Things was present from the very beginning. And that box? Long since dead. See, when you keep growing, as a ragdoll catchen is wont to do, things don't fit anymore, even if you squish yourself into them. And one day it was rather splatted into half. But his love was deep, abiding, and true.


Blogger Chris said...

Hope you're feeling a wee bit cheerier today. And that maybe things are settling down on campus a bit?!

I love that picture of Matisse! How sad that the hat box came to a tragic end...

Good to find out before the heel that you need to add more stitches - it's always sort of sad to rip out a heel).

My foot is 9.5" around the ball of the foot. I aim for a sock that's about 8.5" at the ball (negative ease). I get around 8-8.5 st/in in fingering on zeros and knit my socks with 72 st. If that helps at all...

11:13 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. I've been following your posts on the situation on campus, and I have to agree with you - it seems to defeat the whole purpose of a place like Gallaudet to discriminate against someone on that basis.

And Matisse looks very happy in his little round box.

5:02 PM  

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