26 May 2006

twenty hours

I have been up 20 hours straight and it's time for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzcrashthunkow.

But first.

I got up at 4:30 am to herd catchen stuff baba and Matisse into carriers, get myself into a reasonable fascimisle of a clean calm collected well slept person. Then I went downstairs and met the Supershuttle guy and got in, at 5:30 am. MYOI. The catchen were in individual carriers in the luggage section and I was so shocked the driver was going to stack baba's carrier on top of Matisse's without any securements that I yelped. And no stacking took place. We rode along for a hour as he drove from place to place way too fast, always my favorite way to start a morning. It was a good thing I was too comatose to be deeply frightened by his driving. We finally arrived to Dulles, and he managed to get me to the cargo shipment area, which was as far from the airport proper as to pratically be in another state. And I honestly wondered just how they thought I was gonna do that Tuesday!?!? But ah well. I did get there about 6:30 and was met by helpful people who carted the catchen up the stairs and and were kind to them as their paperwork and labelpalooooooza was processed. I think the lady put no less than five stickers on each carrier, my favorite was LIVE ANIMAL with a picture of a fish.

I was thrilled baba hadn't soiled herself this morning, I'd honestly been worried. I confess I did put baba in the litter box just before I stuffed her into her carrier, and for once she did what I asked her to do. I held her in my arms until it was time for the courier peeps to take them to their plane, and she was calm and cooperative, which is to say, not her usual inclination when in Strange Places, especially if Her Human is going to leave her and she knows it. But she didn't want to be put back down that much I can tell you.....

Anyway, because the cargo building was so far away from the airport proper I successfully begged for someone to drive me to the terminal, because um, walking there? Might have taken 30 years? I got to the terminal just in time to barely catch the 5A metrobus back, and I did this strange thing called "knitting" while I rode along and pretended I wasn't worried about the catchen.

I got home at 9 am, and felt like it was 11 pm. Or something. So tired. So tired. I cooked turkey sausage and had eggs with hats, and finally at 1030 am I could call my mother, tell her the catchen were on the way and I was for some reason still awake, and o by the way, do I have an apartment!?!? Because I still hadn't heard from the apartment peeps and it was Friday and I was flying in Tuesday and I most assuredly wasn't having nightmare visions of being denied an apartment, nope nope. I don't know what you're talking about, that must have been someone else with those visions. Yeah.

But finally, yes, I was told I had an apartment. A large one bedroom hardwood floor apartment with 3 bigass closets on an upper floor, with the laundry room right next door, which is a bonus not a drawback given it's not like I could hear them to be bothered by their running...

More importantly? AN ADDRESS. Strange concept, to want to know where to mail your boxes..... Ahhhhhhhh! Thus began the endless trips to the post office, to the apartment, to the post office, to the apartment, to the post office, to the apartment......the post office clerks sighed visibly when I came up to their counter because there was box, and box, and box, and box, and box, and also? Box.

I confess at this point I lost count of how many boxes I shipped and how many trips I took, and was more concerned with how my calves began to feel like a nation unto themselves.

Then, because I have had perfect timing thus far and have had nary a mishap nor a last minute plan change, the moment I stepped out of the post office at 5 pm, the skies opened up and poured so hard that if the water had been a bit warmer, it'd have felt rather like a refreshing massage shower. I giggled and sloshed along in the rain as I became completely soaked from top to bottom, except for the area of my tshirt directly below my chest, which amused me far beyond which such things should be amusing.

And then I came home. And ate. Called my mother and learned that babachen and Matisse had arrived safely and were calm. Yay! And took the longest bath I'd taken since this whole thing began, which, ahhhhhh! Much needed! And did laundry, because stinky bedlinens are just too depressing to open up. And I tried to knit, despite the fact that at this point it was getting past 11 and I was getting more incoherent by the minute.

And then I piled the stuff on the laundry cart, wrote, and now? The heck to bed. I am so tired. I have to get up early tomorrow too.


Blogger Chris said...

So glad that you have an apartment - sounds very nice, too. :) And that Catchen 1 & 2 arrived safely. Yay!!!!

12:17 AM  

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