23 May 2006

Tuesdays are for Self Portraits

This picture was taken three and a half years ago, on a beach in South Carolina, in the middle of January. Still and all, it's hard to capture something that makes you feel like you really are sharing a part of yourself with others in a picture, and I think this picture is my favorite. It's nice to be captured, just once, in an unguarded moment when I'm laughing, to just show another dimension of myself that's there all the while, but that I, or others, can never see in a carefully posed picture.


Blogger Chris said...

That's a wonderful picture!! And what were you doing in a formal on a beach in SC?!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just leaving a note to let you know I dyed your yarn today! It is in the drying out stage...I'll let you know when I drop it in the mail. BTW- Great photo. :-)
~~ Dye-o-rama Secret Pal ~~

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

What an absolutely fabulous picture of you! All these months of emailing back and forth, and I've never really had any idea what you looked like. The contrast of the blue glitz gown against the stones is great, and your smile is so genuine! It makes me wonder what is making you so happy.

6:07 PM  

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