20 May 2006


It's starting. The move's starting. This afternoon I shipped 13 boxes totaling 70 pounds for a total of $88.11. Only one box was for me, which means total shipped for me: ONE. The rest were items I sold.

Still, that one for me box? Funny, and I'm sure it'll be weird to my mother (who's recieving the boxes for me) that THAT was sent priority when it holds onyx tealight holders, not very important. But, it was the best way to do it. See, I shipped a 18.5 pound box for $8. Why? Because I'd crammed these onyx tealight holders into one of those flat rate boxes. That was a brilliant decision, because it would have been $24 otherwise. I know that that's probably not what the post office peeps had intended, but the flat rate box is helpful in situations like that. To me. Anyway.

I also started this scarf, which is a pattern from my a pattern a day knittage calendar. Slanted eyelet scarf, actually written for bamboo yarn, bonus. I'm doing it on 5 mm needles instead of the 5.5 called for because I like the look of this better. Did you notice the little stitch markers? These are Project Spectrum stitch markers from Straying Power. I was signed up for the stitch marker club for my birthday, and those sheepies are sooooooooooooooo cute. And quite useful, because knowing which color is on the right tells me which of the two rows I'm supposed to knit in my two-row pattern.


Blogger Chris said...

One box down - woot woot! Hey, if they weren't prepared to handle people shipping rocks, they wouldn't have flat rate boxes, right?!

What yarn are you using for the scarf? Those are fun stitchmarkers!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous katie said...

It's always so exciting to see the stitchmarkers in blog photos--especially when they're up against lovely knitting. Glad you like them!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Yum, that yarn is knitting up beautifull! And the stitch markers are gorgeous.

6:10 PM  

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