14 May 2006

The Plan

I am hyper organized. I wasn't always, but I sure am these days. I have decided how I will approach the move: I have four types of containers I like and would like to keep, as they make life much more organized and manageable. I have ordered boxes that precisely fit each of the four types of containers from Paper Mart, and will simply pack things into each container, plop the container in a box, mail it, and when I get to the new apartment, I will open the box, put the container away, and that's it. Done. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

With this in mind, I am limiting myself to these containers. What doesn't fit, I don't need. It's that simple. In the interests of making things as light as possible for me to schlep to the post office, each item will be in its own box. It may not be great to see 20 million boxes all individual-like, but I think this will be best for efficiency and cost containment, especially since I have compared the cost of larger boxes that would fit 2 or more items, as opposed to individual ones. The simple truth is that buying larger boxes requires shipping equal to or more than the cost of the boxes themselves, and local sources net me boxes that are $9 each. I don't think so! I have looked for used boxes, and whatnot, but the quality I've seen is poor. I need boxes that will survive a simple plopping of the container and shipping. Plus I need more than 5, so you know.

Overthinking? Probably. But that is how one gains a sense of control and A Plan. At least if your name is Frarochvia and you are known to your friends as the hyper-organized person. That pile in the corner? That's my mother. She has fainted in shock. I don't think she ever thought I would see the day that I was an organized minimalist. Hey!

It would have been nice to simply show up with three catchen and a suitcase, but that's not going to work out exactly; there are some things that simply cost much less to ship than to replace, like shoes or a suit (for interviews!) or my yarn, or what have you. Paying for the shipment of those things will be no problem; the eBaying (sell! sell! sell!) I have done in the past week will pay for it easily.

The smaller Branas basket is 9x9x9.875. I have purchased 10x10x10 boxes that should contain these perfectly. The larger Branas baskets are 13x14x13 and I got 14x14x14 boxes for these. The colorful units are large and small tinted drawer units from The Container Store. These are excellent and high quality drawers that have stood up to abuse for two years and still look new. The smaller drawer units are just under 16x9x6, and I have boxes sized 16x10x6 for these. The larger drawer units are a bit smaller than 20x16x9, and the boxes for these are 20x16x12.

I hope I haven't put you to sleep, but I feel good and feel on track, just seeing all that typed out.


Anonymous katie said...

The last time I organized before packing, rather than after arriving, was several years ago. Through four other moves I have tried to be so organized, but I haven't managed to keep the system going. So I am very impressed by your organization, and good luck with your move!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I understand totally - things are probably pretty crazy, and having your plan laid out in front of you has to be reassuring.

I wish we had a Container Store here - I love 'em!

10:33 AM  

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