21 May 2006

It's the process, right?

Perhaps I am not fated to have utterly simple projects that require no fits and starts and frogging and whatnot, at least not for the nonce. Exhibit A : Oceanic scarf. When we last visited the specimen, it was a little scarfling. Pretty! But I hated the caston edge. Then for some strange reason I had the "brilliant" idea of frogging just the caston edge and casting off more swelegantly.

Did this work? Well... It was a looser edge at least, but please, it looked even lamer, if that was possible and it most assuredly was.

Bleck! Ptui!

But let's admire the beautiful texture of the scarf itself, before it met an inauspicious death:


I did a cable caston this time. And? It's so pretty! It's perfect! Now I despair of having a castoff half this good.

And I managed to get this much done today (apologies for the crappy picture):

Will the castoff line suck? How big will this scarf be? Stay tuned.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh, the suspense! The suspense!! It's pretty.

6:39 PM  

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