13 May 2006

It's been a bad knitting week

Sinus infunktion number three? Check.

Panicking? Check.

Packing? Check.

Selling stuff on ebay? Check.

Selling stuff through Craigslist? Check.

Listing stuff on Amazon? Check.

Looking frantically for an apartment 1000 miles away with 3 weeks notice? Check.

Waiting for my last (huge) paycheck? Check.

Wondering just exactly how this move will work out? Check.

With any luck, regular blogging will resume today. I am SO sorry, and am thankful for all the emails I have recieved.

Let's see our knitting progress for the week:

That's a really gorgeous looking sock isn't it! Hm. 68 stitches weren't enough, as it turned out. I am going to do the toeup sock ala Chris this time, And It Will Work. Grrrrrrrr. But not right this minute.

This week I've been working on this warshrag in between mad bouts of sneezing, packing, photographing, listing, etc etc. It's a pathetic amount of progress, but it's something.

PS: Dyearama pal, my address will be changing. Please give me a way to let you know the new address. Thank you!


Blogger Chris said...

That's a very cute dishcloth. :)

Hang in there!! We are sending you Chaotic Lucky Moving Thoughts(tm).

8:19 PM  

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