01 May 2006

Gallaudet Protests

Gallaudet protests, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Today, the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University announced the appointment of Dr. Jane Kelleher Fernandes, current Gallaudet Provost, and a deaf woman with a deaf parent and deaf siblings, to be the next president of Gallaudet University.

Personally, I find it sad and even pathetic in a way, that this massive protest seems to be a combination of a desire to have another Deaf President Now type protest, and an ironic claim that this woman is not deaf enough to be the next president.

Gallaudet has a special place in the deaf world, where it is in a sense the Mecca of deaf culture, and deaf people all over the US, especially those tied to deaf schools or alums of Gallaudet, have held an interest in the brouhaha that's been building up to this point.

Things are more complicated than that, of course, and strictly speaking, as a historian I feel like I should say, "oh I am so PROUD to have been personally at the scene of screaming and negative comments and BETTER PRESIDENT NOW chanting... except not."

I am not sure really what I can say, except that I sincerely hope that the student body gets over itself pronto and that this gathering will be the extent of what has gone on. I am not hopeful of that, though.

Gallaudet protests, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

But at least I was there, and I am, at the very least, proud that deaf people today have the confidence to make absolute fools of themselves.


Blogger Chris said...

Not deaf enough?? Hmm.

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