29 May 2006


The wonderful thing about knitting is that if you don't like what you are making, you can frog it. Start over. Make something new, better, something that pleases your eye and that you love every moment of creating.

I think you can do that in life, with the same raw material, yourself.

You're still the same person. The same yarn. Nothing can change that. But the miracle of knitting, of life, is that you change a few things and everything changes.

I'm still Rebecca. I'm still catchen equipped. I still have a knitting obsession. I still wear glasses and have a bad jaw and recurrent sinus infections and a bad hand. I still love interior design, color, and furniture. I still have a crazy obsession with desserts. I still love white towels and neckscarves. I still love light, art, and hot bubble baths. I still love snuggling, good food, and my friends. I definitely still love Benkei the Sidekick. And my love for Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland will never die.

I am still me.

But my surroundings will change tomorrow, and this time now, is very soon to be the time before. What I did, how I felt, the work I did, the things I possessed, is gone. Are gone. Will be gone. All of it. And my friends mourn, are sad, and are angry for me, and that is their right, their job even. For me the task, the outlook is different. Must be different. I feel excitement about the new apartment, feel a goodness in knowing I will see my grandmother more often, and hold before me the possibility of a new and better and better paying job soon. My yarn, knit into a new life.

I don't know what exactly it'll all be like, or what I will feel or experience, but I have hope, and in the end, that, a few catchen, Benkei the Sidekick, a little yarn, and friends to walk to my side, are all that I need.


Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

Well, good morning, it's that new day. Today. Right now. I hope all is going well for you and the little ones. (Especially Saran Wrap.)
Thanks for a great inspirational read first thing in the morning.

5:33 AM  
Blogger Peevish said...

Good luck, and may the Yarn be with you.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Here's hoping your travel from the then to the now is going well!

Ye gads, is that really Kiefer's whole name?!

7:35 AM  

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