25 May 2006

Dear g-d it's Thursday.

And that meant this morning I had to take catchen catchen catchen to the vet. This was greeted with great excitement and enthusiasm. O wait. Except not. The appointment was for 10 am and I was sooooo tired after all the working on the apartment and stress and lalala, but I managed to wake up at 9:28 and cram the catchen into one large carrier, and go across the street to the bus stop. I was proud of myself for not giving the bus driver the finger for refusing to fold down the handicapped ramp thingie so I could just pull the catchen on, I could barely even lift the #*#82^3! carrier. Ugh.

Arrived at the vet, and lets just say it's not generally my favorite thing to realize that babachen had soiled herself and got urine all over the carrier, herself, and the boys. Ugh!!! So you know, no pictures of the vet visit or anything. Blech. Baba got a shampoo and dry and the boys... cleaned themselves. I'd prefer not to think too hard about that.

They all had to be certified for flight because of the flying them thing, and baba and Matisse got certified for cargo shipping, but the vet required that Picasso be flown coach with me because she found that he had a heart murmur. While I did feel some level of concern about the murmur I must be honest and say I was more concerned about the suddenly changed kittyflight logistics, which presented no hassles at all whatsoever. Except not. 57 emails later, my mother booked a coach ticket for Picasso. And I managed to find someone who would loan me a soft carrier because the odds of finding a shop that would gurantee delivery of a soft sided carrier by Saturday looked increasingly dismal the more I looked for one. Because, of course, for the last 2 weeks I had planned on flying all three cargo and had 3 hard sided carriers. Sigh.

Then my mother emailed me and said that babachen and Matisse had to be flown cargo Friday morning, not Tuesday, because of the heat that was anticipated, and if it was too hot, they would not be allowed to fly, which would slightly ruin my transport plans. Sigh. Okay. What time do I need them there by? 630 am? Well... Okay. I'm running on fumes here, but... Okay.

I just wish I could have knit today. I am so sick of boxes and tape and the mess and you know what I mean. But I must persevere. I only have Friday and Saturday to ship everything....


Blogger Chris said...

Wednesday - today all just showed up in bloglines... I'm glad you kept me up-to-date in email! Whew...

12:14 AM  

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