05 April 2006

Wednesdays are for Wish Lists

No laughing at me! This is what I look like when I'm mostly asleep but I continue knitting because I don't know why, obsessional knitter R us. Amazing I managed to take a picture at all, right?

The sad part? This is the only picture of me on my birthday. GLAM! TASTEFUL! ELEGANT! Except not not notty not not not.

But on to slightly less embarrasing amd possibly more salient things.

You know you are a slightly obsessed knitter if you go to bed, sleep a bit, then suddenly it makes perfect sense to wake up, write out a bunch of stuff in the dark on Benkei the Sidekick while you lie there listening to the fan blow over your skin. I call it listening because it's got a distinct feel to it and I like paying attention to it. Every fan is different.

But I digress. Knitting. Slightly obsessed knitter. Right. Just slightly.

This is not a wish list. Wish lists are fun. Optional. Whimtastic. Textural. Possibilities.

These are not fun in the sense that oo la la I get a fun project. They are tools. Not sexy, like needles. Not creative, like knitting project bags. Not fuzzy and snuggly, like catchen. These are things I suddenly and severely feel overwhelmed with the need for. My knitting life is a barren wasteland without those things Right Now:

A swift. Not a kitty toy. Would have to live in the closet for now. I can live with that. Ever tried to deskein a skein with four catchen in one room? Yeah. This one I want because clamping is a giant PITA I would have a lot of trouble with, and the adjustment knob is on the top, not the bottom, so I can easily use it.

A ball winder. Ballwinding by hand is tedious and takes forever. Infinity forever with the aforementioned four catchen. Even babachen the greatest geriatic catchen ever loves ballwinding. Sigh.

The above because I have yarn to wind (see Sunday's post) and I don't wanna. I severely want to do the project, of course. It's the yarn preparation that Skeeves me.

Scissors. One broke and the other is dull. Which makes cutting felted items sort of interesting.

An i-cord machine. I don't care where. Who. Whether it's made from fossil-fuel based plastic in China by child laborers and sold by Republicans who donate to Operation Rescue. I don't care. I need one. Need need need need. Need. I need i-cords like they're going out of style and I resent spending any valuable knitting time on them. The end.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh, THANK YOU for the picture. It's fabulous!! Hee hee. Um, wait, I wasn't laughing AT you but WITH you.

I want an i-cord machine - but is there one that deals with worsted weight yarn? That's been the problem so far...

5:38 PM  

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