19 April 2006

Wednesdays are for a Large Assortment of Pictures

Also: RANDOMNESS. Let us begin!

In an apparently ongoing effort to ensure the worst possible pictures of me are displayed for posterity, here we are. This was me just before I went to the book signing. I am glad that I am quite recovered now, so that we can all live without my massive amounts of whining.

Manos Manos Manos, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

One of the things Huggiebear and I did last weekend was to go to Woolwinders, which is in Rockville, not far from the Shady Grove metro stop. Not that we used the metro, I'm just saying. Anyway, we had what the Yarn Harlot would call a nasty accident. . . the kind of accident. . . where you slip and fall in a yarn shop and accidentally swipe your mastercard on the way to the floor. That kind of accident.

One of the things we got, or I suppose he got, with the evilly enabling shopstaff who gave a discount based on half of my age due to it being for my birthday, a small pile of Manos.

Mmmmmm Manos, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Just a small pile of all the same color, 04, which is supposedly turquoise. I think it's more akin a lovely blue with hints of other shades of blue, some darker, some lighter, but definitely blue.

Why would I need a huge pile of Manos? Am I making the world's biggest bag? Amazingly, no! I'm going to be making this:

Manos Sweater I'll make, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

It's a cute cardigan, I think, and it was actually specifically written to be made with Manos. I absolutely love the handfeel and texture of Manos, so you know, hey! Perfect first sweater project! I wish I could make it noooooooooooooow.

Manos Sweater Book, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I got this sweater from a relatively unknown book called Knitting the Easy Way which has several great patterns in it. It was the first knitting book I got for myself, and it had some tips in the front part of the book that largely convinced me to buy it from the cheap book area at the B. Dalton's at Union Station just before Thanksgiving. Plus, of course, the sweater, which I liked from the first time I saw it.

Proposed Crystal Vase cover, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

This is the legwarmer crystal vase warmer. I think it would look nicer once I felted it and the mohair was more evident and the top of the vase would show the contours of the vase itself. Yes? No? Too crazy for words?

Second Heel Flap, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Second sock! Conspicious lack of progress compared to First Sock's progress, timewise! Not panicing! Oh well. But look at the stripeage! Isn't that cool? I like this sock's patterning better, I think.

Because you've all gotten this far with my pictureathon, I thought I would share my catchenage's favorite pastime, bowling.

No, not the bowling pin thing.


Oh let me just show you what I mean:

The Matisse bowls, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Matisse fills up the bowl pretty well.

baba bowls, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

baba is not sure about this whole bowling thing.

Picasso bowls, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

And as Maia said, Picasso "fits better than Baba because he doesn't have to get his tail in there."


Blogger Chris said...

Cats in bowls - loving it! Very, very cute.

Ok, you DO look sick in that picture. No argument!

I see where you're going with the vase cover - does it have enough ease so that if you felt it, it will still fit on the vase? Will you be standing by the washer, vase in hand?

Yummy Manos!

4:27 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

I *love* that Manos! That color looks like a beautiful summer sky. Amazing. Great pattern too - very versatile!

Can't wait to see more!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

A freaking vase!?! I think your knitting has gone to your brains. ;)

8:23 PM  

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