11 April 2006

Tuesdays are for Self Portraits

Frarochvia, sick, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Exciting! That off my feed bit yesterday? I woke up this morning and it was a full blown sinus infection, complete with infunktion bits. Yum yum. Except not. I am glad, at least that my brazen last-minute plan of okay, the doctor's office opens at 9, it's what, 820, I should just show up at the doctor's office and ask to be seen, it's not going to be any faster to try any other plan, worked. I got seen and got yummy antibiotics and decongestants and should hopefully being right as rain sometime this century.

What's that whole "right as rain" come from anyway.

I did make sure that the doctor didn't give me Biaxin, because I sort of don't want to lose a week of my life again, and she set me up with good old Amoxcillin.

No knitting pictures as of this moment, but at least I did do several rows this morning... Antibiotics, a few stitches, mostly worth missing work this morning.

Exciting life.


Blogger Chris said...

I hope the drugs kick in fast and that you feel better quickly! Sounds miserable.

12:40 PM  

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