17 April 2006

Sockly progress!

Take my word for it, because a picture belongs here, but I forgot to take one, never mind upload it: The heel has been turned and I'm working on the gusset decreases on Sock Two! It's of course the same yarn as the first sock, but I didn't bother to try to match the stripes because well, I'm not hung up on that and I wanted to see what would happen! To me, that seems like a good way to avoid Second Sock Syndrome, to keep myself interested in what new sockly looks the yarn comes up with. Possibly I am easily amused that way.

I believe I have come up with a use for the Single Legwarmer that I fear will never be paired with a mate. I, for some reason, had the bright idea of slipping it over my lead crystal vase that I love the weight/heft of and its general shape, but not the cutwork on it, too fussy and busy for me. It actually looks good! I'm now thinking of felting it and slipping it over the vase to make it less improvised and more intentional. One can never have too much pink in one's life.

Tell me if I'm completely insane. It's okay.


Blogger Chris said...

I must see a picture before I pronounce sanity or lack thereof. :)

8:09 PM  

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