01 April 2006

Saturdays are for doing everything except socking

I'm getting frustrated with the knit shop. They didn't email me all week in order to schedule a knitdate for today. After they said they would on Sunday. Not sure what to do now. I do owe Sockapaloooza socks in 31 days, you know? A refund? Parking myself there all day one day and knitting obnoxiously whilst asking them socktype questions every 32 seconds? What?

I did get things done, for myself at least. That's how Odessa looked this morning as I began the day. I got in a bit of packing, a lot of cleaning, catchening, Dean Caining, and of course, knitting.

That's how she looked by the time I got too tired tonight. I have about an inch, inch and half to do before the decreases. Not too shabby! The pattern is easily memorized, it's an eight stitch repeat, and it still blows my mind that you get this sort of obvious pattern, despite the variegated yarn, with no purl stitches whatsoever. My brain keeps saying, that makes NO sense. But my eyes marvel over the changing directions of the stitches and how every single stitch is a knit stitch!

I think I can easily finish Odessa tomorrow. An inch is about six rows, give or take.


Blogger Chris said...

I love the colors!

5:41 PM  

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