09 April 2006

Project Spectrum

I don't know about others, but I've been having a lot of fun with this month's colors, orange and yellow! More than I expected to. Up there is Picasso trying to help me take pictures of my rug, which has gold in it. Maybe next weekend I can do better pictures, if um, I lock him into the bathroom first! He's a bit... helpful today. You know how that goes, right?

With a bit of my birthday money I got these boxes. They were $5 at Marshall's. Just goes to show you find the weirdest things there... I had initially been attracted to the size and the fact that it had a psuedo-latch, the better to discourage catchen from opening them. The bigger box fits the Addi Turbos in their plastic sleeves and the smaller one fit the DPNS, which is good because those have been a high-theft item thanks to Matisse and Picasso and Kahlo. Mostly Picasso.

While I had thought about repainting them in the future, the truth is the colors and the pattern (I LOVE CIRCLES! Ahem.) have grown on me. And they clash delightfully. So for so long as they amuse me, they will stay as is!

Flowers! I don't know if anyone else has flowers blooming, but we do here! These are pretty! I have no idea what they're called, other than, you know, daffodils. But it seemed rather cool that there's actually a flower with both yellow and orange.

The socks continue to grow, my case of Knitter's Thumb (where the right thumb is all exofliated and purple, not because it hurts, but because that's what happens when a left needle hits against the right thumb 3,000 times a day) is well set in, and the kitties are annoyed with me because I won't let them fur on the newly laundered clothing. All in all, a wonderful Sunday!


Blogger Chris said...

Sounds like a very lovely Sunday! Hee hee, oh yeah, I get a LOT of that kinda help - hence the black blob in so many of my photos.

Very cool needle storage system, too.

2:24 PM  

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