02 April 2006

Project Spectrum

Project Spectrum's colors this month are orange and yellow.

As anyone who knows me knows: I like orange and yellow the least of all colors. I keep trying, but it never quite works out.

But I honestly believe that this is a great opportunity to push my boundaries and to see color in a new way. And as I've learned, knitting with an item gurantees I will have a soft spot for it, even if it's not normally a color or texture I like. So I think, you know, I should try this knitting thing with yellow and orange.

But not just yellow and orange. I know I need to include a color I have an irrational love for. It's one thing to experiment with color, it's another thing to try and joyfully integrate it into my life. You know. Pushing boundaries.

Enter pink! Pink is a guranteed HAPPY color. Yes?

All of these colors were inspired by this tote bag. It's made with the Lily bag pattern from Black Sheep Bags, and I happened to see this bag on Flickr a while ago. I really liked this bag a lot, and that was before I knew what the colors for April were.

lily bag, originally uploaded by normanack.

Normally, I would just say, wow! Cool bag! But as much as I like the colors, no.... someday. VERY someday.

But this is Project Spectrum. And I'm enjoying this whole pushing of my color boundaries. So.

Because the Lily bag only needs 2 skeins, and there's four colors, I've decided to make two bags this month. One will have 75% of the neon yellow yarn, 50% each of the goldenrod and orange sherbet yarns, and 25% of the flamingo yarn. The other bag will be 75% flamingo, with 25% neon yellow, with the same 50% of the orange sherbet and goldenrod yarns. I think this will be a fun experiment!


Blogger Chris said...

I'm with you - orange & yellow are my two least favorite colors. This will be an interesting month for us.

That said, I love that bag picture and look forward to seeing yours take shape!

5:40 PM  
Blogger Mama -E said...

that is a fantastic bag!

7:39 PM  

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