28 April 2006

Of Catchen and Fraros

Poor Matisse. I made the mistake of noticing this new thingie on his gum and I ruined his life. A black spot on his gum! A new one! Eeeeek! It's a huge bump! Nobody knew what that was, or if it was okay, or if it was the harbinger of the giant fur-eating monster. It's not possible to be overdramatic when it's your own catchen, yes?

So I took him to the vet. But first, I stuffed him in a rolling backpack (he is too big for all of my carriers, especially if you're trying to walk around with his flooftastic self), he got out, I stuffed him back in, it was the Wild! Animate! Backpack! I laughed a laugh of nervousness, uncomfortableness, and just plain feeling bad for doing that to my cat.

But he settled into the I Am the World's Saddest Matisse role quite quickly. There he is, in the above picture, in a half open backpack on top of a newspaper dispenser thingmabob, as we waited for the bus to come. You might be wondering (or not) just why I would take a bus with a cat, instead of a cab. The reason is simple. It just so happens that the vet's office is door-to-door from my apartment, on several bus routes. No waiting for a cab (which can take forever, especially if they make you tell them you have a cat with you), no exhorbiant cab fare, and hey, door to door. This does require a relatively inanimate bag, and Matisse fulfilled this part of the bargain rather well.

We sat at the vet's office, where everyone cooed and remarked on How Giant That Cat Is. Matisse sat quietly in my arms, furring my jacket so bad it ended up being mostly Matisse, and crammed his big head into my elbow. He was such a good boy! And of course, was the bump a bad awful thing? Apparently ragdoll cat's gums can turn black later in life. OY. Well now I know for next time. And he has rabies shots. And he's indeed giant, being 15.5 pounds. And I am a lot poorer.

Matisse, in his best catchenal fashion, says in this picture: "I was a good boy. You gave me your jacket to drool on. Can we go home now?"

And thus ends an expensive if relatively (and happily!) anticlimatic day.


Blogger Chris said...

Glad to know that he's ok!! Heh, he's about the same weight as Chaos. :)

5:56 PM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

Aw, poor Matisse... You are a meanie ;)

3:12 PM  

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