06 April 2006

Of Bags and Picassos

The Picasso, he is the greatest manx catchen ever and I wuvs wuvs wuvs him, even if he wakes me 28 times a hour in order for me to throw! something! for! him! for! him! to! fetch! YAY! FUN! what do you mean you're sleeping, catstaff?

But? Some days I hate him a little bit. Today is one of these days. This morning, just before going to work, the manx boy genius managed to wedge himself between my legs just as I was taking a step, and I tripped heavily, letting out a yell of surprise and pain. For my trouble, I got myself a twisted knee and an ankle that feels a bit funny. And because I was the catstaff and he was the catchen, it fell to me to go find Picasso, who had run under a chair in order to cower pitifully, and apologize to him for having committed the crime of tripping over him. I can walk and all, but o does my knee hurt right now, a couple hours later.

That's what the Project Spectrum bag looked like as of yesterday morning.

And this morning! Not too shabby, for having all that strange "work" stuff constantly interrupting The Knitting.

Someone, please send me an ice pack!


Blogger Chris said...

Ouch ouch ouch!! Are you going to get any x-rays?? *knocks on wood* I've been lucky so far with tripping over Chaos, but there have been some close calls. I wonder how many times a day I say, "Tripping and killing me will not get you fed faster" or some variation thereof...

The bag is BRIGHT and fun.

11:17 AM  

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