10 April 2006

Mondays are for... Mondays

This morning, I woke up late, well, I wake up early every morning, I mean I got up late for the 728th time this year. I was holding Picasso in my arms, and I was just savoring his firm compact plrt plrt purr purr squish wedge presence. There is little in this world more wonderful than having a catchen in your arms and having at least one more on you, and this morning Matisse and babochka were sleeping on my lower half. I figured, Picasso isn't usually big with the snuggles, but he'd walked into my arms and I was going to drink up all that I could. So I figured, five minutes. Ten. Okay, fifeen. Twenty? Picasso wasn't bored with it yet. Neither was I. At twenty five minutes, however, I had to admit defeat and ruin my poor abused catchen's lives by doing the unthinkable.

I got up.

I threw things on and managed to get to work just on time. Go me! But I felt rather off my feed, even if my knee was finally feeling better and only twinged when I'd been walking a lot on hard pavement, and even then, it wasn't a Nancy Kerrigan twinge. Not normal, not unworrisome given its two previous operations, but a knee I could cohabit with.

Exciting exciting.

All day I was overwhelmed with the need to ingest this deep dish sundae. So I went to Pizzeria Uno's (who cares what it's called now? Its ASL name is PIZZA UNO and forevermore it shall be known.) and ate a small quantity of sugar-laden yummiliciousness. MmmmMMmmmMMMmmmMMMMmm. I had company in the form of a work friend, and that was quite nice.

Knitting content! You came for that. Well, I knit a whole whopping (I hate that word. Hence, here, I'm using it ironically) half row! Exciting! So this is what I have, as of now, with Sunday's progress and all.

Sockly progress!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.


Blogger Chris said...

I don't think Monday was an auspicious knitting day - I didn't get squat done, either. Glad your knee is better at least...

12:44 PM  

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