24 April 2006

Cascade Pastaza

Still Life: Cascade Pastaza, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Today is another faceplanty day. Of a rather bad sort, since I overslept and woke up at precisely the time I was supposed to be at work. That's painful. I did show up a hour later, and then I worked through my "break" and managed to be caught up on my tutorial time enough that I could leave early. That's quite exciting. I think.

It's the time of the year when students are in the panicky glomtastic state of I AM IN DANGER OF FAILING AND YOU WILL BE MY SAVIOR AT THE END OF OUR FIFTY MINUTES!

I love it! Except not really.

Finals time, ooh lala. Two more weeks of work, and I'm all done here. That sounds exciting, except for the faceplanting.

O! Cascade Pastaza. I started the bag last night, if by "started" you mean "sleepily cast on 39 stitches because I hate casting on at work". And then I knit the base during the day today, a row here, a row there, lots of rows on the Metro, and finished the base, so I could excitingly pick up stitches! Now I'm all in the round.

Pattern? It's sort of a commingling of the basic Booga bag rectangle shape, except I'm doing it with 39 stitches of width and 39 rows of length. And then that of course gives me 39x20x39x20 for a total of ooh! 118 stitches all the way around. Now, because I want to do something different this time, I will be making it unshaped, just a simple rectangle, with the two lighter colors on the bottom and the darker color on top. No stripedyness. And then? Using my Heidi pattern as a reference, I am going to make a strap for it that goes all the way around the bottom of the bag, for more stability, an added design element, and just, you know, SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

I'm really loving the Pastaza. It's a single ply, AKA the ultimate in Happy Knitting, and it's incredibly soft. It's not as rustic as Manos, but it's got just enough unevenness in its spin that I'm enjoying it!


Blogger Chris said...

Pretty colors! I'm told that Pastaza makes a very, VERY fuzzy bag. :)

Oh, do you get summers off??

9:53 AM  
Blogger Tiphanie said...

Ohh. I will RAID your stash!

8:21 PM  

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