30 March 2006

This Thursday is for Wish Lists

The Happy Hooker, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I didn't get the Happy Hooker book just for Debbie Stoller to sign it! I got it also because there were a few projects I wanted to try to do in it. I'm not looking for crochet to replace the knitting obsession, but there are some things knitting can't do easily that crochet can. The biggie is flowers. I love little touches that make the outfit, as you can tell by my flourishing bag, shoes, hat, scarf, whatever collection. And This book has a few flowers I'd like to learn how to do, plus a scarf and a shrug and a hat that are wide open and are just amazing looking.

Here's a few of the projects I would love to try:

Garden Scarf, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

The Garden Scarf, which takes three balls of Karabella Aurora 8. I think that one of those flower motifs on its own would be great for an applique on a felted bag, too, or maybe even several! I think it'd be a great look, since it's simple and yet would allow an opportunity to add a contrast color.

One Skein Scarf, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

This is an amazing looking scarf if you ask me! The pattern calls for Patons Classic Merino Wool which I've never seen, but it'd be an easily subsitutable yarn. I'm thinking Cascade 220 in a pink. I could stand to have ONE serious pink scarf. Or maybe blue. I don't know. Or apple green.

Ferris Wheel Flower, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I think this is a really cute flower, and is a great way to use up all those random little balls of leftovers.

Six Petal Flower, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Here's another flower. There's a lot of different flower-type motifs in this book, which I was really glad to see, because hello random flowers! I've always wanted to make you! You know.

Short n sweet, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Here's a simple and (I think quick) cardigan that would be great in warmer weather. I think it's classic and elegant. The only concern I have is the sizing, which gave options for a 32" or a 45" chest. What the?! I'm a 40, so I don't know how that's going to work.


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