18 March 2006

Saturdays are (supposed to be) for Sockapaloooza

HI! Did you miss me? I know I missed me. Or at least the blog. But I had a great time reading what Mary and Matt got up to every day, and I appreciate their pitching in! Life with nothing but Benkei is both wonderful and annoying. My mother wishes to share that she is amused that I described her location as "nowhere". I did a lot knitwise and acquired a lot knitwise, but you'll have to wait for all that, I'm afraid.

Notice a theme in the title up there? I'm serious. This time I went across two state lines in order to go to my class at Knit Happens at the ung-dly hour of 1030 AM to... learn that class was postponed. Sigh. Socks on circulars will theoretically happen but not this week. At least I have 2 needles, 2 balls of yarn, a SmarTrip card, and with these three things I can learn how to knit socks. Someday.

It's just as well, I guess, because I have Birthday Knitting to do. Birthday Scarf: in progress. I don't love knitting thin mohair-y yarns on thick needles on an constant basis and this seems to be a recurrent theme with me. Interesting. But I'll knit enough of it by April 2nd to call it Good Enough, it's Long Enough To Wear, if nothing else.

Birthday Bag: began it this morning on the way to the metro, and finished the base today, plus 10 rows or 1160 stitches on top of the 1521 in the base. Go me. Design of the bag? Um, I'm still working on that while I'm knitting it but I digress. Modified Sophie. But I want different handles and I made the base slightly larger. Birthday Hat? Let's just say that I'm still dithering on whether I even want to make it in the Rebecca style. I'm currently thinking of using it instead in the Odessa pattern. I figure, the original was in a cashmere-y yarn, and I have 100% cashmere, how bad could it be? And it's pretty. And theoretically more confidence-inducing. And I know how to YO, SSK, and PSSO. Mom, I know you liked the Loud Multicolored Hat I made last Sunday better than the green shop sample at Needleworks, but did you like the basic design at least? It's for looks, not for brrrrr brrrrrr I hate the wind weather.


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