11 March 2006

Saturdays are for doing everything except packing

Or so it would seem! Okay, I've gotten lots of new pictures up at my flickr page and I will be adding to it every day through Benkei. They will all suck, but they will all be current. My mother's house is in the middle of nowhere and there's no internet, but oddly enough Benkei has signal, so there we go. I promise to remember to take pictures with the Real Camera to share with you when I get back.

I've finally as of last night put some clothes in the backpack, and I spent the morning copying various pages from various books and taking pictures and other things. You know, instead of fixing my hair, putting on clothes, hugging the cats, cleaning up, cramming needles and yarn into bags, things like that.

I started on the Bartlettyarns superbulky wool tote bag from Knitting to Go which isn't really a book, but is a box of thick paper patterns about 4x6 inches, and I really like this concept. And I hate picking up stitches in public because I lose concentration and whatnot, so it was gratifying to start up the bottom of the bag, even if I was mostly asleep last night. This thing knits up fast, so it's gonna be a fun project for my travels today! Assuming I ever leave the apartment in the first place...

In my week's absence, I'm going to be posting to flickr, as I said, and talking online to my friends Mary and Kammat. You might have noticed their names up in the upper right corner under Contributors. Do not be frightened. They are not going to take over the blog permanently. I think. Hee. But they are friends who have listened to me yammer and yammer and yammer and did I say? YAMMER about yarn and knittage and patterns and some more yarn, and then there's the catchenage and the picasso and the matisse and the kahlo and the babochka and they have been super-supportive and fun. I invited them to guest-blog for me this week in my absence, and I hope you, all 4 of my readers, enjoy whatever wackiness (or seriousness. it's always possible. if unlikely.) they come up with. I know I will!

PS: It goes without saying that I am packing Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland season 5 into my bag...


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