05 March 2006

My Knitting Spot!

Scout said we should post a backyard view and/or our knitting spots if we hadn't done the spot already. I'd already posted beautiful shots from when we had all the snow, and right now it's sort of all bare and semi-green and extremely brown, so if you don't mind, we'll pretend it's spring out there despite all the alarming evidence to the contrary, and simply focus on my knitting spot!

As you may discern from this shot, I care about my environment a little tiny bit. I love the wall of bookcases, and all my art pieces and of course, all the little baskets to store the stuff you always need a home for in a small apartment.

You can see my knitting books just behind the sofa, in easy knitting reach. And there's the standard Grumpy Geriatic Catchen accessory. Hi babochka! And the pillow, it's a memory foam pillow that baba and I fight over every day.

Always next to me on the sofa: A blanket for my lap, because it's in the Consitution that I cannot sit on the sofa without something on my lap. A bag or two of knittage. The black bag has all my supplies in that Picasso tries to steal. The pink bag is usually the bag I commute with, since it hangs off the wrist nicely for knitting smaller things. I should thank Verde again for finding this bag, which was $3 at a Ross store. Go figure. Also, there's always Benkei the Sidekick nearby, usually buzzing with much buzzing as people IM me. I also read knitting blogs on him a lot in between stitches and catchenage. And when people send me emails, that's where I'm reading it!


Blogger Scoutj said...

I want your spot! I love that bookcase!!!

3:15 PM  

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