03 March 2006

manos manos manos and some more manos

The yarn: Manos del Uruguay. Color: HAPPY.

The pattern: Booga Bag! I only had two skeins of this and had no idea how far it would go. Since I knew I wanted a bag with this, it seemed like the way to go.

This yarn isn't a traditional plied yarn, it's more like a single thick strand, and it's sometimes wispy and sometimes compact.

It knit up nicely and quickly, and the texture was simply fun to knit with! Thick, thin, thick, extra thick, twisted, unspun, every stitch was different.

I'm still awaiting making the i-cord handles, which I'll make on Sunday, but otherwise? DONE! I love the look of the bag, and I think the reverse sockinette emphasizes the thick-thin nature of this yarn well, and I think you can see the subtle color variations in this picture. I'm hoping felting will make it look like a boucle fabric.

Gratuitious shot of the remaining yarn. Isn't that yarn yummo? I love it. Love it. In case you couldn't tell.

I admit: a lavender version of this, I think I will be needing. For my birthday.


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