06 March 2006

I cord you cord we all cord

I've learned that there's one thing in knitting that I am technically proficient at but I derive no great joy from performing. That would be the act of creating an icord. It works, but there's no marvel or ooo or anything other than are we there yet I'm so bored of making this stupid icord.


Still and all, I'm glad that Mary's purse is all finished, bound off, icorded to death, twisty twisty, three needle bindoff, and now just awaits the fulling in my mother's washing machine next weekend! Yeah I know, I could do it at the apartment laundry room, but you know, it just seems a lot better to schlep the thing in my backpack through an airport and a 2 hour car ride and then do it there. It seems logical to ME. And I can block it there. And then pack it and ship it to Mary!

Yes, this also means that I'm taking the HAPPY manos purse with me in the same bag and schlepping that and washing it and blocking it in the middle of nowhere too. Yep. Um, I figure that I could do with an audience to coo and ahh over my stuff. Or something.

Wonder if it'd work to teach Picasso how to make icords? No? I guess not. He's more of the ishred persuasion, isn't he?


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