11 March 2006

Hello from one of the guest bloggers!

So Fraro asked me to help her blog and I've never done it before, so you're going to be gentle with me, readers, aren't you? You can just nod.

I also know nothing about knitting. Well, next to nothing, unless you're IMing with Fraro and she puts up links to show you all the yarn she wants to buy and the patterns she wants to use to knit things or talking about knitting needles. I bought her a set of Denise needles, which she has said are very good for holding things while in progress, as well as other uses to which I am not smart enough yet to enumerate. Anyway, I like to look at yarn because I am weird. So the rule is - you can know nothing about knitting and love looking at yarn, if you're Mary and you are just a little touched in the haid.

But I'm awful cute, not catchen cute, but still. Cute. One should never underestimate cuteness as a way to get around being a little touched.


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