23 March 2006

Caution: Purple Ahead

What's in your bag? I apparently like knitting a little tiny bit. If you for some strange reason want a description of every single item in the bag, I have notes on the picture on my flickr page. You can see that my Birthday Scarf has grown quite a bit, though I'd really like it to be at least twice as long in... gulp... ten days.

Isn't this fabric neat looking? I love the way it pools and flashes and whatever, it's great visual texture and right about now I imagine Scout is eating it all up.

Doesn't Birthday Bag look great? It's in Araucania Nature Wool Chunky.

By the time I'd done 5,200 stitches, I realized the horrible truth, however. At some point I'd lost one of the four stitch markers and I'd been decreasing at three corners not four... #(**$#&$(*#&$(*##*(. So I took the whole thing to Stitch DC and asked the nice lady to help me frog it with the ball winder. Even with the ball winder and the two of us, it took us a full hour... stupid stubborn stubborn tangly yarn. .

I'll work on it this weekend and it'll be PERFECT because I said so.


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