31 March 2006

Birthday Set Progress

Birthday Bag, all done!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Birthday Bag is all blocked, all dry, all strapped! ALL DONE! The straps are from the same yarn, but you can see why I am wondering about alternate yarn options. I might still swap out handles, but we'll see.

Birthday Bag in semi-action, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I do like short handles, and you can see that this works just fine. I think overall I did great for only having 260 yards of this Araucania nature wool chunky yarn.

Birthday Bag's Closeup, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I am still loving the variegation in the colors!

Birthday Set! Without Flash, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

I'm really happy with how the hat, scarf, and bag work together texturewise and colorwise. This picture was without flash.

Birthday Set With Flash, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

And this one was with the flash. The real color is somewhere between these two pictures, but this one is closer to the real thing.

Birthday Texture, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Here you can see the three projects close up! I think Birthday Hat's Odessa pattern is knitting up in a lovely manner. And the variegation is really gorgeous! It's Jade Sapphire 4 ply 100% cashmere yarn. And 100% yum, lemmetellya.

So that's what I've been up to this week. Odessa obviously sort of really needs to be knit up and finished by Sunday night, and I think I should manage that without a problem. The scarf is now long enough that I can knit at it and whatever length it is Monday morning is the length it'll be. And I'll just be walking around all day Monday with the purple Birthday Bag. Awesome.


Blogger Chris said...

I LOVE those colors! I wonder how much the handles will end up stretching? Because i-cord handles always stretch...

11:55 AM  

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