22 February 2006

Wednesdays are for Wish Lists

Do you remember the days of knit-only content? Me neither. But I am knitting. Slowly. I finally feel pretty good today, I took out the trash last night! That's a big deal, honestly... I've done 29 of the 120 rows I need for the second legwarmer, so let's ignore the paltry paltry sad sad pathetic progress and pretend there's time to knit everything I ever want to knit. So!

Second to my love of scarves is definitely bags. Do not ask how many bags I have. Further: do not ask how many bags I have that are exactly the same bag, but a different color. There might be eight. Or ten. But I will never admit to that. Nope.

I haven't yet fallen into the whole knit the same bag 38 times with different colors, but there's time yet for me, I'm guessing here.

I like this bag very much because I absolutely love messenger bags, but usually they're way too bulky and too big and too long and too too too. The smaller version of the bag is exactly like one messger bag I used to have and absolutely loved. Well, except for the fact it was canvas and was $5 from the Gap and was tan and was pulverized with love. Other than that? Exactly the same. I don't like the suggested stripes in the pictures but either gifted yarn or a random inspiration one day might do me. Wouldn't it be cute with a felted flower pin on it? Perhaps a beautiful variegated white-grey with a red/pink felted flower on it?

And I completely need to buy this back issue of Interweave Knits ASAP. Because, hello, MARY POPPINS! I love the idea of making my own luggage. It'd be fun to try to make a smaller matching bag too. I'd have to make this in Wool of the Andes, though, to keep down costs... even with that, that's $60. But it's so pretty!

Now this is the most inspired way to use up leftover yarn that I've seen! I don't really like this as a backpack, but I can definitely see it as a regular bag with handles. It would be a fun way to use up Cascade 220 or Wool of the Andes leftovers. Or, actually, to justify buying recieving 20 different colored balls of Wool of the Andes because I could totally use them for the red flowered hat I mentioned in last week's Wish List, and then use the massive leftovers for this bag! And then use any leftover yarns from the Mary Poppins bag. YEAH! I am so smart.


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