15 February 2006

Wednesdays are for Wish Lists and Book Clubbing

Memo to self and to anyone who ever listens to me say "I have a cold" again: I am not known to have colds. I have no idea when the last time I had a cold was. If EVER. So if I ever again say that I have a cold, it is a signal that I should go to the doctor and get antibiotics ASAP because hello, the odds are against it being a cold. I am grateful to whoever invented Biaxin and hope to never again experience a virulently sucky sinus infection. I'm just saying.

On to more fun things...

My readers probably wonder why I engage in the copout that is Wish Listing on Wednesdays. Even if readers is a too lofty word to use. But I'll tell you anyway. Hee.

See, Wednesdays are the busiest day of the week for me. I'm on campus working from 9 AM to 8 PM and have one hour "off", where I am engaged as a faciliator for my book group. This semester, the book is Deaf Like Me. Yes, at Gallaudet you can pick from lots of different books, usually centering on multiculturalism and multiracialism focused books that are not deaf-specific, but I am an admitted deafophile who has presented at deaf history conferences and did a minor in deafness as a socially constructed disease for my history MA. So I find deaf books endlessly interesting and like poring over them with other people. And! I get free lunch, usually California sushi and a vanilla soy milk jug!

And! I have a hour to knit! At least when other people are talking. Since I can't talk and knit at the same time, I usually bring with me a very simple project that I can knit on and off without having to look at it, because I can't look down at the knitting if I'm listening to other people talk. Hence bringing with me the textured throw I blogged about 100 years ago, or the dead muppet scarf, or something else ridiculously simple.

I have been knitting the throw off and on for a long time not because I have knitting ADD like some knitters do, hee, but because of a couple of reasons, 1) the catchen? Like the blanket WAY TOO MUCH and knitting it at home became 90% shooing the catchen off of the blanket so I can flip it around to knit and then them re-establishing their presences on the other side of the blanket before I can knit a row and 2) while Addi Turbos US 19s are light and easy to maneuver, the size makes it difficult for me to knit it all day and night without a smaller project in between bouts because of shoulder and elbow pain. O well. But I'm on 4 of 7 balls, so hopefully it will be finished. Hee. When I do take the throw to work I seem to do about an entire ball a day, which is great.

The only pesky thing about ever establishing a deafie Stitch n Bitch thing, which I sort of would like to do, is that you can't knit and speak ASL concurrently unless you knit with your feet or have four arms or something. But I digress.

Wish List! Lest you get the impression that all I care about is hats, not so! I love love love Alison Hansel's sweater designs.

Rosebud seems terribly graceful to me, and I can definitely see myself wearing this, particiularly if it was sleeveless, red or deep pink, and I wore it with a denim jacket. Tank tops are tough for me to buy at all due to my chestal/armhole issues (ie, too tight in the chest yet with too big armholes), so it seems like a great investment. And I love the ribbing!

Nothing but a tshirt! Isn't that shirt too too cute? I love it! I have always wanted a tshirt or sweater I could wear on its own, instead of burying a tshirt under a blouse and/or a sweater because hello, who wants to walk around advertising I HAVE A CHEST. I can see this in blue, or blue-green, or purply-pink, or pink, or red. Never yellow, orange, or g-d forbid, black. I love black, but I don't love it enough to knit something that would be furred in about .0000000001 seconds.

This vest is probably very much a pipe dream and will never happen if I wait to intentionally buy yarn in order to make a striped vest, because I have a consitutional inability to wear patterned tops, bourne of too many years of wearing plain tops in order to make sure a classroom or an audience could clearly see my signs. But I still love the design, and think it's really inspired. I can definitely see making a cropped version and wearing a blouse underneath. Maybe if I wore it on weekends...


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