11 February 2006

Saturdays are (supposed to be) for Sockapaloooza

Today was supposed to be for Sockapaloooza industriousness. See? I even set up the whole kit, and decided I would have fun knitting the socks both two-circ in the class next month, and DPNs, since I have 4 balls of the same sock yarn, and my sockpal and I are roughly the same size. I chose a pattern to try, too.


It was cruddy outside and the Frarochvia was lame. It was so grey I could hardly see anything, even with the window blinds pulled all the way up, the window itself is more than nine feet long by five feet high so you would have thought the place was blazing bright especially with all the lamps on AND YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG.

The only one who enjoyed the scenery was Matisse. The other three were sensibly hidden elsewhere. It was supposed to snow like a big snowing thing, but for most of Saturday it was mostly dreary dreary dreary with a side of wet.

So I ficklely decided to cheer myself up by knitting these. I chose hot pink Cascade 220 and a lovely matching shade in Rowan kidsilk haze.

And doesn't that look like a great combination?

Matisse thinks so. I didn't get the memo I was knitting him legwarmers, I guess.

If I had, these would have been done in the 2 to 4 hours advertised.... 2 to four hours MY LEG.


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