04 February 2006

Saturdays are for Sockapaloooza (and last minute knitted gifts)

Today I shall choose sock yarn for my sockpal! This involves cooing over my sock stash, which is probably prodigiously overlarge for someone who has never before knit socks. But when did that ever stop a knitter? I ask you.

First up, there's a couple skeins of this koolaid handdyed sock yarn from eBay. That's enough for a pair of socks. And I got them today! In the mail! If that's not a good way to celebrate Sockapaloooza Saturday I don't know what is. But... you know... these deserve the Jaywalker pattern. Especially if I cooooooed at them upon ripping the box open opening the package carefully. They are so much prettier than on eBay! And they really deserve to not be messed up in any way. I'm not delusional enough to think I could try Jaywalkers on my very first try... Next! I paw at my Regia socks, and today? Not a good day to do that. They are quite similar in coloration, one being the Alaska colorway in the Jubilee 75% superwash wool 25% polyamide sock style. The other one is from the Cotton Tip and Top Color line in the Pegasus colorway, which is 41% superwash wool, 34% cotton, and 25% polyamide. They're both quite lovely potential socks in their own ways, with subtle grey and black and white colorations and I imagine my Sock Pal could even love them... I normally love love love this kind of stuff,but today... it's so dark and grey outside even though it's only 2 PM and dreary socks on a dreary day aren't floating my boat. Next! From KnitPicks, there's this yarn! I have four balls of these, perfect in case of idiotcy emergency reknitting, and while there's grey and cream and black, the red is cheerful enough to make me smile. There! Sock yarn chosen. I have a sock knitting class, the one focusing on the two circulars method, at Knit Happens in March. I can't wait! I do own an assortment of sock-compatiable DPNs so if I feel the need to do harebrained things and try to teach myself DPN socks, I can! We will see... I think having four balls to play with will be quite handy in this case, now that I think about it! I could try DPNs and circs and see which I like better. In other knittage news, the faux lace scarf for my grandmother in the scary mohair yarn that's not easily froggable is growing easily, smoothly, and prettily! More people have petted and cooed at it, which is always a good sign. I'll be parking myself in front of the TV with my stack of Netflixes and knitting with much knitting today.


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I love that knitpicks!

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