10 February 2006

The Matisse and the fingerless gloves

Often, Matisse comes to fur supervise me whilst I knit. His favorite yarns have wool in them, and the more needles the better. Like these. They were quite easy to begin, and that was a relief; I have definitely greatly improved if doing an entire project on 5 DPNs in US 10.5 was no big deal at all, except for my thumb callus which you can see, I think, in one or another of those pictures, not that you were dying to see that or anything like that.
As I said before, they are the simple fingerless mitts from Wendy. I hate gloves, they usually are 1) hot 2) too small to fit on my arm brace or 3) both. Yum! Mittens are worse, because I can't talk with them on. You sort of need to see fingers in order to communicate in ASL, mittens are like using a baseball bat to type with.
I had a lot of fun with the Noro Kureyon #51 yarn, especially with its color graduations.
But! Someone else had more fun than I did, apparently. Here he comes to um, help. Which apparently meant, "Let me sit under the knittage and be poked by sharp pointed rosewood DPNs every five minutes. It's a lot of fun, I promise. Purr purr purr drool."
Somehow, though, the glove managed to grow, despite the fifth DPN being constantly stolen by Matisse and/or Picasso and/or the sofa. Stupid needles.

At this point I really felt like the Great Porcupine Project, all needles, everywhere!
But Matisse was not interested in the porcupine. He was interested in My Lap again. Silly Fraro, knitting! Pet the Matisse! Pet the Matisse! Be drooled upon by the Matisse! It's better than knitting! Does your knitting purr, mamochka? Does it does it does it?
I give up. The silly boy loves posing for pictures. And snuggling. Best of all, he loves to pose for pictures while snuggling! Isn't he cute and all happy looking? Best Matisse ever.


Blogger Mr. Sandman said...

That fifth picture is BAI! yep, porcupine hands... That would be a cool pic to send in to a contest or something, heh.

12:30 PM  

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